The Sevco-SFA-SPFL Standoff Has Taken A Bizarre And Hilarious Turn Today.

Image for The Sevco-SFA-SPFL Standoff Has Taken A Bizarre And Hilarious Turn Today.

Are you sitting down? Cause this one will rock you back on your heels.

Today the SFA has won leave to appeal against Ibrox’s victory in court last month.

All that victory accomplished for the club was the right to have Parks of Hamilton represented at the SFA inquiry into the cinch situation.

The SFA hasn’t reversed that decision, but they have won the right to challenge it. If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like a waste of everyone’s time and money you’d be right, but it’s what this matter has revealed that’s interesting.

There are two amazing takeaways from the court hearing today.

The first is that Sevco and Parks of Hamilton actually submitted a redacted document to the judges. What kind of organisation thinks they can get away with that? They claimed that it was commercially sensitive information and so they blacked it out.

The judge was highly unimpressed. The club has been told to submit a proper document; after all, nobody in the legal profession is running off to make money on the back of it.

This all lends to the impression that this whole thing is a confected controversy, that the club doesn’t have a leg to stand on. They decided to pick a fight with the governing body, and they manufactured an excuse for it when it became clear they were in trouble.

But here’s the best bit about today; their hatred for the SPFL might not be the only reason they are playing these petty games of theirs. They have a reason to dislike cinch itself, and this is where I think this story should be generating bigger headlines.

Because the court has been told that far from having exclusivity deals with other firms which prevent them from advertising cinch in their ground, the club was actually in talks with the car firm about selling them stadium naming rights before the SPFL deal.

Yes, you read that correctly. I found this out when Phil Mac Giolla Bhain called me earlier to ask me what I thought about it. When he told me that was being reported in The Record I thought he had been spoofed with a fake site or something.

It sounded so unbelievable. And it still sounds unbelievable.

But it was entered into evidence in court today courtesy of cinch and the SFA and so I have to assume that it is real.

Without telling their supporters, the club was negotiating to sell the naming rights to their ground.

When that deal fell through and cinch went with the SPFL the club then spat the dummy.

This answers a lot of questions about how they intend to bridge part of the funding gap, and they aren’t even going to bother to ask their fans what they think of it.

You could not make this up; that club is a complete mess off the field, and yet somehow our board has conspired to make them see the more professional of the two. That should be to the eternal shame of everyone currently serving as a director at Celtic.

There is no way that Ibrox will win this case against cinch and the SPFL.

They’ve been humiliated today and this revelation should damn them in front of their own supporters, who they have continuously lied to and misled.

The rest of the clubs should consider them a pariah organisation who shouldn’t be near the centres of power ever again.

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  • Chic Stewart says:

    The Boris Johnson of football known to tell lies.

  • SSMPM says:

    That’s a bit of disproportionate catchall swipe at the Celtic Board James. We’re all unhappy with them for good forever ongoing reasons but are you not forgetting the inaction of their board you’ve been reporting on so regularly.
    Things might be bad at Paradise at the moment but they do not appear like a professionally run institutionally racist club. HH

  • SSMPM says:

    How can their club look better run than ours. Our club is not an institutionally racist club in denial

  • SSMPM says:

    Anti Irish marches and songs like the famine song, etc, are racist. So is the monkey chants and abuse Scott Sinclair was repeatedly subjected to at ebox. One club since 1888. HH

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