Loudmouth Ex-Celt Targets Yet Another Player, This Time As McCoist’s Backup Man.

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McAvennie, who never has a good word to say about our club, is at it again.

Tonight he’s targeting Ismaeli Soro. What’s worse is that he’s doing this as the backup man for Ally McCoist.

It is absolutely appalling how much this guy hates the current Celtic side. He is never happier than when he is taking a shot at somebody in it, and it’s a different person for every day of the week. There is no logic to his attacks, because he just shoots so randomly.

Earlier on today he was attacking the ex-players Lennon had a shot at.

He accused them of doing nothing last season, which is ridiculous when you consider that one of the players he targeted was the fans player of the year Kris Ajer, who might not have wanted to stay but absolutely did not, at any point, down tools.

If this guy even watched Celtic he’d know that.

McAvennie has become a poisonous presence on the periphery of this club. It is not for nothing that some of us class him in the same category as Kris Boyd, and I don’t just mean an ex-player who happens to be a total idiot. He is an anti-Celtic troll.

I am heartily sick of this guy and his being lent legitimacy because he once wore the Hoops.

So did Charlie Nicholas. So did Davie Provan. So did Andy Walker. Merely wearing the jersey is nothing special when you consider some of the clowns who’ve pulled it on. These people are characterised by their never saying a good word about us.

McAvennie is a pure fool, an absolute dolt. If he even had a room temperature IQ he would be easier to take seriously, but he doesn’t and so doesn’t qualify. But he knows how to make headlines, because that’s easy to do. The likes of Alan Hutton and Noel Whelan manage it and they never had to play for Celtic to get it.

McAvennie is an enemy of Celtic. I cannot put it more bluntly than that.

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  • Johnny says:

    Its just a pity there are no ivory hunters in glasgow.

  • .Peter cassidy says:

    Why write what he has got to say its total bull$hit anyway how can you take him serious he can’t even talk in straight sentence best ignored like the rest of the anti celtic brigade ignore there cheap comments .

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    mcavennie, nicholas, provan, bonner, Walker et al have taken the queen’s shilling. When did you EVER hear any true Celt, (Auld, McStay, Murdoch, McKinley, Johnstone, Boruc, Lennox, Hughes say a bad word about Celtic? Answer is NEVER. Would cross the street to avoid mcavennie and his ilk. HH

  • Gordon ashley says:

    There is plenty of logic to his attacks £

  • Peter Kelly says:

    Not sure he hates Celtic. I suspect he’s fairly ambivalent. More a case of loving the money he gets for being an ex-player trying to have some relevance. Even when he was at Celtic, Billy McNeil complained about him constantly trying to leave. Maybe doesn’t hate Celtic, but certainly no friend.

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