Of Course Jota Was In The Team Of The Week. Celtic’s Loanee Will Be A Star.

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It’s interesting to see that Jota was named in the SPFL Team of The Week.

They might as well just glue his face onto that left wing position.

He’ll be in it more often than not.

This kid is going to be a star, and you can tell that already.

He’s still learning, both about the game and about his place in our team. He can be a little greedy and his decision making needs work, but he’s a major talent and will improve dramatically in the next couple of years. We cannot let him slip through our fingers.

The option to buy is a gift to us, and we have to take it. We have to make this boy a Celtic player for the foreseeable future, because not only will he be an asset to the team but he becomes a saleable asset for the club. He has all the attributes.

My one concern with him was that he might be one of those players who was too lightweight for a battle. He dispelled that view at the weekend. He seemed up for the rough and tumble of the SPFL away day.

I was delighted that it was him who got the winner.

He is a pure entertainer, the sort of player fans love to watch. The buy-out fee is substantial, but so is what he can offer us. The SPFL is not going to know what’s hit it when this guy and Kyogo and Abada are fully switched on and working in tandem.

Everyone assumes Kyogo will be the star of the show; I think this boy may yet be the footballer who overshadows him.

The Japanese Bhoy will score plenty of goals, but the creative fulcrum of this team may well prove to be the guy on the left hand side.

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  • jrm63 says:

    Agreed. I wish he would stop rattling the crossbar though

  • Rodders says:

    Totally disagree, he may have some improvement in him but I can see why he was put out on loan, he’ll end up being an enigma in a mediocre league.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Lets see how he does over next few months but looks a player but then again so did p Roberts look where is now so time will tell.

  • SSMPM says:

    The comments above are probably right. Time will tell if he can become the new jinky Jota. But I would like to see Celtic grow some big balls and start to keep the good players instead of us, like you just said James, seeing him as a saleable asset. Building a team to be competing again not only in the SPFL but in Europe would only see us attracting bigger and better talent and put us back where we belong. I live in hope. HH

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