One Up Front? Which One? Or Are Celtic About To Start With Two Forwards Again?

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Earlier in the week, I pondered whether or not the management might be preparing to throw a curveball with the team selection.

Yesterday he dropped a big hint that he’s ready to do exactly that, and the blogs and the press are interpreting it as a sign that Giorgios Giakoumakis might be on the brink of starting his first game for the club.

I wonder if this would have to necessitate a change of formation?

Could he really drop Kyogo entirely or would he opt for him out wide?

That would mean putting another of the attacking players on the side-lines. Such are the joys of a nearly full fit squad.

The manager will get used to, and get good at, making these calls. Because Forrest will be back soon, creating genuine issues for him to ponder, and new tactical options to consider. Do I think we’ll go two up front today? No, but I’d love it if we did.

There are no reasons to be concerned today about the team selection even if the manager does take the amazing step of leaving Kyogo on the bench and playing the Greek international. If someone had said, before a ball was kicked, that we’d starting games with the top scorer in Holland from last season there’s not one of us who wouldn’t have beamed with pleasure.

It’s a gamble for which he would almost certainly be crucified in the media if it didn’t come off, but this is why we pay the guy the big bucks. Either way, we need to trust his judgement whatever that might be. He knows what’s at stake.

I wonder if maybe he’ll play it … if not safe than at least bet on what he knows works. We know Kyogo is our most capable front man, and that he will almost certainly get goals. We also know that Giakoumakis can almost certainly do the same.

I just think that there’s a bonanza to be had if we get these two in the same team.

If it comes to starting the Greek, I’d love to see him opting for them both.

In about an hour we’ll know.

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