Some Celtic Players Have Two Months Left To Save Their Careers At The Club.

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One of the things Ange spoke about yesterday was the need to strengthen the club in certain key areas in January.

We all knew there were players to bring in and there has been a lot of speculation about who and which positions.

The boss himself is pretty cagey on this subject; yesterday he came as close to giving us real information as he has so far.

The manager, talking about Tom Rogic’s injury, has said that we need to bring in a player in the midfield area. That will be music to most people’s ears. But it will be less good to hear for those who are currently on the fringes of the team.

The truth is, the next two months will decide whether some of these people have Celtic careers for much longer.

Soro and Bitton are the ones who come to mind in the midfield area, although I like both of them.

Bolingoli is probably not going to last in defence.

The persistent rumours about the Japanese striker puts a dotted line around Ajeti in all the team pictures as well.

He has been given the chance to show something and so far hasn’t done it. If we do bring in a striker in January I think that’s him gone.

It is great that Ange has taken a chance on certain players. It is great that he’s given them the chance. But some of them have plainly not taken the opportunity that he afforded them, and those players will be viewing January with trepidation.

The message he sent to the midfield yesterday was pretty clear; in the absence of Rogic the players there have a chance to shine.

Good. But he was also telling them that it might be their last chance.

Because he intends to buy in their area of the pitch and those who do not rise to that are going to find it cold and lonely at Celtic Park.

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