Ange Is Astonished By Another Shocking Question At A Celtic Press Conference.

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If you haven’t seen it yet, Ange’s response to one of the media’s questions at his presser today is that of a man who can’t quite believe what he’s being asked.

Head in his hands at first, he responds with bewilderment and disbelief, giving the journalist “a free pass” and a different question. Because at the Leverkusen conference, someone asked him about the ticket debate with Hibs.

No wonder he was so astonished and stunned. It is a preposterous query for the manager of the club.

It is an issue that wasn’t even decided by Celtic but the SPFL itself.

What was the point in asking Ange this? What was the purpose of it?

And did they really think that he was going to answer it other than he did?

Other managers might have seen the opportunity to generate some cheap headlines by commenting on it, but this guy wants to talk about the football, he wants to talk about what goes on where he can influence it.

It’s not even that it’s an irrelevancy, it’s an attempt to keep going a controversy which is wholly ridiculous and manufactured, and Ange knows that’s exactly all it is.

Earlier today I put up a piece about how this decision has generated all sorts of headlines when, in fact, it’s perfectly in keeping with the SPFL’s standard approach to these finals.

It is a complete non-story although Hibs are moaning for reasons passing understanding.

But it’s a story where Celtic are seen to have “won” something, and that is too much for some of these hacks to bear. I understand that they are hurting because their favourite team will not be in the final, but they embarrass themselves behaving like this.

Our manager did not spare the questioner that embarrassment today, and nor should he have.

How many times must he slap them before they understand who they are dealing with? He will not play these daft wee games of theirs, and they look like bigger idiots the longer they fail to get it.

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  • Tony B says:

    Who was the dumbass hun who asked the question?

  • scouse bhoy says:

    he was told what to expect from the gutless shameless mob and they are keeping to the script. the fact that these imposters who are a disgrace to their profession make a living out of their blatant bias is a scandal in itself.

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