Scottish Football’s Most Improved Player Commits To Celtic Until 2025.

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The news today is good; Anthony Ralston has signed a new deal, binding him to Celtic until 2025.

It is one of the last remaining pieces from the summer transfer window which still had to slot into place. He signed a one-year contract extension in the summer, for no other reason than to be a backup. He no longer is. It’s good this deal has been done.

The transformation in Ralston under Ange Postecoglou has been absolutely remarkable, and the player has more than earned this deal.

Good managers can build teams. Great managers enhance them by making better the tools he has to hand, and this is one of the reasons for our continuing optimism surrounding Ange and his time here so far.

It is clear that he has lifted Anthony Ralston to a new level.

It is clear that the player has grown as a footballer. From someone who was not even rated as a bit-part player at the club to a first teamer who sometimes looks indispensable, it has been a remarkable journey and a turnaround for him. Most fans would have gladly seen the back of him.

I expect most of them will be very pleased that he’s gotten a new deal.

I think it’s pretty absurd that he hasn’t yet been given full recognition for his efforts and called up to the Scotland squad, but I’m pleased as well because I don’t want too many of our players away on international duty at this moment in time.

Ralston deserves to be called up though, but today, when the latest Scotland squad has been confirmed and he’s again not in it, I suspect that he’ll be less concerned about that than he will be pleased that his club future is now secure.

I really think he’s Scotland’s most improved footballer, and might even be in the running for the player of the year award come the end of the campaign.

It is one of the most amazing transformations I’ve ever seen in a player and the proof that should never write anyone off too soon, that some footballers just need time to find their feet … and a manager who believes in them.

Congratulations on the new deal, Anthony, you certainly have earned it.

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  • harold shand says:

    You wont see any media campaign to get this lad in the Scotland squad though

  • jrm63 says:

    I thought he showed up well under Rodgers as well in the games he got

  • Nick66 says:

    Wholeheartedly agree James, the lad has well earned this new contract. Well done Anthony.


    Well done Ralston for turning his career around. Hope he goes from strength to strength.

    Unfortunately, this being Scotland and with a national media and broadcaster in thrall to
    The Rangers, a certain Patterson, of little experience but full of hype, needs to be front and centre as Ibrox’s version of Tierney, in the hope of punting him for similar piles of lucre before his true worth is ascertained. So as with many truly great Celts of yesteryear Ralston will be denied National recognition unless he’s needed for games against truly top teams where Paterson’s reputation needs to be protected.

    Ralston form will now come in for KGB style interrogation by our media ready to criticise his every movement and foible down to how ties his bootlaces or wears his shirt.

    So to the POTY, it will have already been decided to award it to Paterson. Even if he doesn’t kick a ball all season.

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