Bitter Levein In Bizarre “Ange Will Be Furious” Claim After Emphatic Celtic Victory.

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Craig Levein really is a small man, with a small mind, ever focussed on vendetta and grievance and the people and things he doesn’t like.

The day that guy can drag the words out of his mouth to give us praise without some bizarre or ridiculous qualifier will be the day that Hell freezes over.

Like the other idiot, Boyd, he is utterly incapable of it.

Today, on BBC Radio Scotland, he offered us some grudging respect but had to throw in one of his stone stupid observations; “If this goes to goal difference,” he said, meaning the league, “Ange will be furious with that.”

Eah? Really?

Furious with what? A three goal victory at a tough away ground?

Because on that day, the manager would really be looking back to our finest league performance since he took over and thinking “that was the day we lost the title.”

What goes on in the mind of Craig Levein?

There is exactly nothing about today which will make Ange Postecoglou furious unless it is daft efforts to find something negative to say like this. Levein wouldn’t dare actually say this to our manager; instead he puts it out there in front of his fellow idiots because he knows that none of them will contradict him.

Honest to God, we were absolutely brilliant today. Brilliant.

We blew Dundee Utd away, and this was the fixture in the run-up to New Years that everyone thought we might struggle in because they’ve beaten the other lot and drawn with us at home.

And we didn’t give them a sniff today, not one.

We could have scored a few more, sure, but I would suggest that Levein is the one who’s letting his anger – and his spite – get the better of him. And not for the first time.

The man is a nasty little sod and I wouldn’t expect anything else.

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  • Stevie says:

    Fellow idiots like it ???

  • Roonsa says:

    Levein doesn’t get under my skin in the same way Boyd does. Boyd deliberately trolls Celtic fans and probably thinks its tit for tat because of the abuse aimed at him by Celtic fans. Celtic fans are not paid by Sky so it’s not a sensible argument.

    Levein does not possess the same intelligence which is really saying something. He will always be remembered for the 4-6-0 formation he set up for Scotland away to the Czech Republic. That’s all anyone ever needs to know about him to gauge the level of intelligence they are dealing with.

    As for today’s game we should be winning that by 5 or 6. It’s OK being wasteful if the game ends 3-0. But it’s happening too often in my opinion and it could have come back to bite us on the arse against Hearts. I am loving the football but I do want to see a better chance conversion rate. Also. What’s happening with Giakoumakis?

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Levein and boyd = dumb and dumber.

  • harold shand says:

    The guy has never won a single bit of silverware in over 30 years in the game

    and yet he’s the voice of knowledge

    He’s on there for one reason only , he hates Celtic

  • Hans says:

    He hates Ibrox. So leave him to it?

  • Damian says:

    He was lavishing praise on Celtic’s performance in the exact same breath. When Ange was asked his thoughts on the goals after the game, by Celtic TV, HIS first comments were about his displeasure at the chances we’d missed.

  • Bigmick says:

    Leveins half time comments when he lamented Scotland trailing 2-0 in Denmark: “what I loved about Scott Brown was he would lay one on his opponents to let them know they were in a game.”
    Same guy as Hearts manager: “I think every player should be getting protection from Scott Brown”
    A fucking duplicitous no-mark if ever there was one.
    I wouldn’t give the slightest credibility to a word that comes out of his mouth.
    Jambo bigot speak with fork tongue.

  • Frank Kelly says:

    Not often I agree with Levein, but today’s one of those days. He was also bang on the money when he tore into refereeing standards in 2008, after Bobby Madden was the 12th man (his words) for the team from ibrox. However Levein’s completely justifiable rant in 2008 after a disgraceful performance from the referee at Ibrox should have led to an inquiry into referee training and standards. Other managers should also have followed his lead in refusing to be silenced after unacceptable decisions when playing both teams from Ibrox.

  • Rtc says:

    Ffs…I’d say similar and I’m celtic through and through…Missing easier chances than the ones we’re scoring is certainly maddening…Even at 2-0 I was still nervous, we need to finish teams off when we can ,end of story…6-0 would’ve been a truer result yesterday…
    I can’t stand levein either btw…

  • Bruce renton says:

    You have deliberately taken what was said ouut of context, Levein had earlier said that given Celtics utter dominance in the match and chances created they should have been much further in front. Richard Gordon was also stunned that Celtic were not out of sight by half time but you have failed to mention this. It seems you are happy to pedal the notion that Craig Levein has an anti Celtic agenda whereas he was actually complimenting the quality of the team.

    • James Forrest says:

      So Levein isn’t an anti-Celtic twat?

      Want me to produce the reams of past evidence for it?

      • Bruce Renton says:

        He has criticised Celtic in the past also Rangers and Hibs among others. He has also been in the vanguard of criticising the standards of Scottish refereeing when others have said nothing. I am no particular fan of his but please at least on this occasion quote him in the correct context. If whataboutery is your counter argument then little chance of an informed unbiased opinion here then but the I guessed that from the “twat” comment. Kind regards

        • James Forrest says:

          Levein has done every single thing you have said. I don’t deny it, and I wrote an article about how we who want refereeing reform could do worse for an ally.

          But he has stumbled into the not-so-secret knowledge recently that criticising Celtic gets you headlines.

          It’s now his default position. He does it regularly, just to get in the papers.

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