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Celtic Breathe A Sigh Of Relief As The League Cup Final Gets The Green Light.

Image for Celtic Breathe A Sigh Of Relief As The League Cup Final Gets The Green Light.

Nicola Sturgeon gave her latest health update today, and there were things in there which were extremely worrying, such as her contention that data from Denmark casts doubt on the idea that this might be a less severe variant of the virus.

That is worth keeping an eye on because if it’s true then it’s very, very bad.

South African data contradicts that, but there might be other reasons for their data.

Watch the hospital figures here at home carefully because that’s the only way we are really going to know.

In spite of this, Nicola Sturgeon has not really made any major changes, except in that she wants certain venues to re-introduce social distancing and screens where possible.

It’s virtually nothing, and I admit that I’m a bit puzzled by the timid nature of the response.

But it does mean that there are no changes in relation to the football.

Still, it means that we’ve got the green light for the cup final at the weekend. The game is going ahead with no changes at all. I have my own feelings on that, which I won’t go into, but it removes the uncertainty over the game which has existed for two weeks.

There are no guarantees about future matches.

We’re playing the waiting game on that front, but at least we now have concrete information on the weekend.

Everyone who goes to the game should be aware that this variant is rampant, that it is dangerous and that there are no guarantees that it will be a weaker “version” … so if you’re attending the game think of your own safety and that of those around you and please, please, please wear a mask.

In spite of a few halfwits who post the worst sort of nonsense on these threads, or who try to, most of us can see how serious this situation is. Most of us understand that we have responsibilities to other people and not just ourselves.

So those who do take it seriously, please act like it is.

If you’re attending the cup final at the weekend take every precaution you can.

Do not risk your health or the health of somebody else.

In spite of the oft heard “wisdom”, football isn’t a matter of life of death; please don’t make it one.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Yes a timely reminder indeed, if this COVID-19, Omicron strain is more rampant than previous versions we will all be watching the hospital and transmission data too.

    Although I believe figures atm may suggest another lockdown real soon, waiting game…

    Best place to watch fitba atm is from my couch, way safer than any other options.

    HH? and C’mon The Bhoys

  • David Frame says:

    Superb as always james…I have my own thoughts on matters but without doubt,I would urge all celtic supporters to read youre material….all the best to yourself & family…HH..??

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