Could Celtic Throw Three Debutants Into The January Game? There Are Ways …

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There is a suggestion, today, that we might have the three signings from Japan tied up before we kick off against the side across the city. The question then becomes whether or not these players would be eligible to play in that game.

The answer is yes, and no.

Let’s do the “no” part first.

There will be issues with work permits and virus quarantine restrictions. But those are technical matters that could actually be resolved relatively simply. Which is why the larger answer to the question is yes.

We could, technically, sign these guys this month. We can’t register them until 1 January, but we could certainly do the deals right now and start the work permit and virus quarantine processes.

No rule would prevent this. All three players could be in the squad.

The question as to their fitness is already resolved; these guys have just completed their season. If they keep doing some basic training there is no reason why they wouldn’t be available and ready to step into the side.

Whether we’d want to do that or not, without them having met their team-mates, without them fully understanding their roles, is a different matter.

I think on balance that it would be permissible to play one of them, for at least part of the game. But not all three. And I actually don’t think any of them will be in Scotland on time for it.

Overall, I reckon we’ll have to wait until the break is over before we see them – Ange will definitely want to bed them in slowly.

Unless … unless he thinks we need them.

And if he does, if he wants the players to play, then there are definitely mechanisms for making it happen.

If we do the deals now, all three can be registered and in that squad.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    You talk Fukin Bollocks m8! Wan Minute they’re aw playing, the Nxt probably max 1 then it’s after the Winter Break lol! Fact is u write about journalists who kno Fuk Aw when u kno less than Fuk Aw WHAHAHAHAHA!!

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