Ibrox Side Saved Again By Their “Unofficial Club Partners” At The SFA.

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For 70 minutes today at Ibrox the home side toiled against a Dundee Utd team missing at least a half dozen of its players. The away side started the game with five academy players in their starting line-up and another five on the bench.

In spite of that, the home side just could not make the breakthrough.

Then Alan Muir spotted a handball. Amazing, as we weren’t sure that he knew what that was. He awarded the spot-kick to the home team. And so another three points were secured.

The media enjoys painting this Ibrox side as something special, something totally transformed. But twice already since their new management team took over they’ve relied on late penalty kicks to break down teams. The hype that surrounds them is amazing, but there’s really not much doubt that their MVP’s are still their friends from the SFA.

That and rival defenders who can’t seem to stop giving them opportunities.

It’s got to the point where this is no longer a surprise.

It’s got to the point where you sit and wait for it when they are struggling.

Their ability to rely on it remains the biggest threat to Celtic at home in January. As long as we haven’t put the game beyond them we’re giving the officials a chance to influence events and if they have the opportunity they will.

There’s no surprise about this; we know what we’re up against here.

Refs can influence games in any number of ways, many of them small. But the big decisions … well, they fall Ibrox’s way with an amazing regularity, especially when the need is greatest.

I don’t know whether it’s a penalty or not today, as I’ve not seen it. Some of the hacks who have said it’s stonewall but then I expect that from the hacks.

Was it more stonewall than the one we didn’t get for the same thing in midweek? I know nobody wants to discuss that in any detail.

But I’ll tell you this; they wouldn’t have won that game today without it.

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  • Pan says:

    It is so easy to predict now. These refs and Sevco are cheats.
    Muir eh! The corruption is so obvious now. Selective decisions.
    The bookies will not take bets on Sevco getting penalties now.
    They have had more penalties than the rest of the premiership put together.

  • Dan Cowie says:

    It was a penalty, ball from cross clearly hit the United players hand. Keeper went the right way and was unlucky. Agree we should have had same decision in Dingwall

  • Seán McManus says:

    I don’t fear them…. they are an over hyped team.
    We will beat them in the new year.
    My biggest fear is that their friends will look after them.
    I’m heading over for the final tomorrow from Ireland with the wee man and I know for sure, Beaton will try and have some sort of influence on the result.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    This fucking unbelievable it’s not even funny or surprising any more , other teams,fans must see this ,ie Sevco pen,or Tav pen,if our board don’t say anything about this we can hand them the title right now ,it won’t matter a hot how good we play the Lanarkshire orange bigoted mafia will do all they can to make sure Sevco don’t get beat ,this is embarrassing, unfortunately no one out with jockland thinks any thing is amiss here

  • Brian says:

    From what I hear the ref never gave it. It was thdd we linesman. So much for jock steins theory you just have to score more. You simply can’t beat corruption, and we are our own worst enemy. I won’t put another coin into football in this country

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Surely this can’t continue. There must be a point where the gambling authorities say enough is enough. HH

  • Frankie pearson says:

    Refs need looked into how far can they go with currupness,and can someone please tell wee Broncky it is ignorant to shake another mans hand with gloves on.

  • Leon Bhoy says:

    Sevco have now received 10 CRUCIAL penalties in their last 49 league games,since September Weekend last season.

  • Roonsa says:

    The fact is it was a penalty. Look it up on YouTube. Moaning about it only makes us look paranoid. Moan about the dodgy ones. For ones like these, clench your teeth and move on

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