Will There Be Demands For Inquests After The Dundee Utd Bus Is Bricked At Ibrox?

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Amazing the number of charlatans in our media who were calling for inquests earlier in the week after a handful – a handful, not 3000 – of fans got onto the pitch after Celtic’s last ditch winner at Ross County.

I wonder how many of them will stick their heads up tonight and demand the same after the Dundee Utd bus was attacked as it left Ibrox?

A brick was hurdled through one window.

It shouldn’t need pointing out this is way more dangerous than a plastic bottle chucked at a player taking a corner or some over exuberant fans on the pitch. It goes without saying that it’s a vastly more serious incident.

I look forward to the screams of “whatabouttery.”

That mud won’t stick.

I have condemned the Celtic fans plenty of times on this site, and I will continue to any time they step out of line. I urged our club to find the bottle throwing eejit; they did. And they banned him.

The cops also charged him.

I don’t agree with fans being on the pitch and I’ve said so.

But I hate hypocrisy and the way our club is held to a different standard.

When Celtic fans let our club down I report on it and comment on it because otherwise you have people acting as they like.

And eventually you get incidents like this.

It isn’t the first time this season that a player’s bus has been attacked at that ground. The Lyon team bus was similarly targeted earlier in the campaign, and it was one of the principle reasons why the local authorities there didn’t want the Ibrox fans in their city.

But we have a media here which focusses only on what it wants to.

We have people who exist on the margins solely, it seems to me, to target our club every chance they get. If they aren’t willing to speak out in an effort to civilise the club they evidently prefer then the blood is on their hands the next time its fans behave like this.

I hope the Peepul responsible for this are caught and prosecuted to the fullest limit of the law. I’d be writing that if it was Celtic fans; in fact, my denunciation would be even more vocal because I don’t want folk like that anywhere near our club.

Other clubs, other supports, might tolerate this kind of thing, but not Celtic.

The media personalities who were so quick to whip us during the last week … I eagerly await their response to this.

Why do I feel like I’ll be waiting until Hell freezes over?

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  • Bigmick says:

    I’m pretty sure their fans take it as a compliment when they are called savages, which they clearly are.
    That whole club and a fair old chunk of their fans are nothing short of a fucking disgrace.

  • Gerry McGrady says:

    Good point, well written.

  • vincent McSherry says:

    hell will freeze over first!!

  • Dora says:

    Rotten to the kore that klub/Kip and to think, opportunity knocked to kick that klub to the kerb for good, not so long ago!
    What a klub….popular, I swear!!

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