Celtic’s Japanese Bhoys Absolutely Run The Show As Ange’s Bhoys Cut The Gap.

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Three points in it. Now our rivals have to respond.

But the pressure is on them, and not just because we won but because we won comfortably, and because the new signings slotted into the side like a hand slipping into a glove.

Maeda got his opener after three minutes and for the whole of the first half Hatate ran the show.

I thought he was absolutely magnificent.

There are things which are obvious already having watched that; first is that the manager knows exactly what he is doing in signing these guys. Ange’s eye for a player is clearly as good as that of any manager we’ve had in a long, long time. He would not have been in the least doubt about these guys before he sanctioned the buys.

Now the rest of us know what he saw.

As I’ve said before, it is essential for a new striker to get off the mark quickly, and you cannot get much better than what Maeda did tonight. He was so, so sharp in that moment.

The goal was just what he needed and what the fans needed, especially after Hibs had almost shocked us with their opening move. It sums this team up that we went right up the pitch and put the ball in the net.

That’s what this team is all about. That’s what this team does.

The 75 minutes on which Maeda and Hatate were on showed us precisely what they could do; they will be massive assets for us, especially I think the midfielder although you can’t ask more than a striker who gets one clear-cut chance and puts it in the net.

The last fifteen minutes belonged to the subs; although Giakoumakis looked sharp when he came on, nobody shone like the new boys did in the first half. We got some rough-housing from Hibs late in the game, but that aside they never really laid a glove on us.

It was a very decent performance from the whole team, but it was the new bhoys from Japan who shone and it was no surprise that Hatate won the man of the match award.

It will be the first of many, because we have another quality footballer in this guy.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Hatate is the new Moravcik. Only 10 years younger. Time is up for Forrest and Taylor. They don’t do enough for me. HH

    • Finbar muldoon says:

      And Starfelt was outstanding tonight. HH

    • Roonsa says:

      I am not having that about Jamesie or GT. In fact, Taylor played a magnificent ball into the box which led to the penalty. I don’t think any Celtic player deserves criticism after tonight’s game.

      On a night which was all about winning, keeping a clean sheet, no new injuries, new boys looked more than decent, Jota back, Giakoumakis back, Jamesie back, everyone happy , along comes Happy Muldoon to piss on everyone’s chips.

      Thanks mate.

      • NICK66 says:

        Agree Roonsa, it’s all about the team and tonight w saw a team come together and show what we can do. Nitpicking, well those who nitpick will never be happy, so lfet the rest of us actually enjoy decent football from all the team. Jamesie and Taylor included.

  • NICK66 says:

    Ah! James, that first half was a joy to watch. Debut goal for Maeda, the lad Hatate, can that Bhoy pick a pass or what. It now looks like Ange has a squad of players to choose from. Yes, it’s only 1 game, but it was a game that showed a lot. I will never get carried away, however I will look at a perfomance and feel that it bodes well. Great 3 points.

  • jrm63 says:

    The level of unforced error in the second half was pretty bad and completely killed our momentum. Greg Taylor is just an embarrassment. A constant weakness defensively and he is easily the slowest player in the Celtic squad. Abada has all the space in the world in that first half and could not score from 6 inches. Hatate looks like a football player

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Can only get better!! the new boys did really well well done all involved tonight and 3 points now down to scotty boy to do his bit tomorrow night .

    • Jim says:

      Simply can’t understand the criticism of Taylor. I thought all back four were terrific. Hatate looks a brilliant signing if tonight’s his standard of work.
      As for Tom Rogic who could hardly last 60 mins underneath previous management? The difference is astonishing under Ange.
      Let’s just enjoy putting the pressure on the Huns for a change.

  • Henry says:

    Hatate was immense. Thought Taylor was pretty good and Abada was good in the first half, his crossing is getting better. Rogic had a bit of an off night, but all in all delighted.

    • Peterbrady says:

      You can mortgage your house the filth will get a pen or offside goal and the sheep will get at least one red card absolute certainty

  • Katana67 says:

    “What the BBC Scotsport Commentators actually meant to say , ” But if we only had VR this season… AND LAST…

    The Huns would have had FIVE Hammer-Throwers sent off DURING matches…..

    Instead of the OCCASIONAL Retropective REDCARD-REDCARD….!!!! “

  • Tommy B says:

    Great team performance from start to finish that could have resulted in a bigger win.
    Outstanding debut for the Japanese Bhoys and exceptional performance from our central defenders both never put a foot wrong , Especially happy for Starfelt.
    A lot more to come from these Bhoys

    Hail Hail
    Tommy B

  • Iljas Baker says:

    I think certain fans have to realize that sometimes they get caught up by the frisson of negative criticism. It’s easy and it feels as if it singles you out in someway as being perceptive, independent, empowered. But sometimes you just need to enjoy the victory and the performances even if their were stray passes or missed sitters. It’s in the nature of football. Be encouraging and trust the manager.

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