Dick Campbell’s Japanese Slur And The Media’s Reaction To It Sums Up Scottish Football.

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Dick Campbell was being interviewed on Radio Scotland tonight and he said that he has the kind of players he would want “in the trenches fighting the Japanese.”

Yeah, he actually did that.

In the week when this country, this city, this football club welcomes three players from that country to join the one we already have here.

The presenters laughed. Nervously. But they laughed. The showrunner apologised.

He said that Campbell is from a “different era.”

As a friend of mine said, “Yeah, 1690.”

There will be no media firestorm. There will no controversy.

Casual racism and bigotry is still a joke in this country. Too few people really give a damn.

Scottish football tolerates too much of this stuff.

It’s why Malky Mackay was forgiven and handed a job at the SFA and now runs a club.

It’s why extremists proliferate at clubs as the media makes a joke out of their naked bigotry. Some of our more ancient hacks have been sniggering along at their “off-colour” humour and ignorant remarks for years.

BBC Radio Scotland was never part of the solution.

They have, for years, been part of the problem. They legitimise halfwits.

If anyone pushed this, you watch how they and others in the game would rally round; “Oh Dick doesn’t have a bigoted bone in his body” would be the cry. Oh except for getting caught with the Rangers fans in 2009 belting out their anthems?

He was defended over that with the same argument.

In much the same way as the media and the governing bodies rallied round the flag when Craig Brown was recorded singing his anti-Irish, anti-Catholic dirge down the phone to his girlfriend whilst national coach … and kept his job.

You wonder how much has really changed.

Not that much.

Because this game is still too full of people like Campbell who think it’s a joke and a jolly to wallow in dinosaur attitudes and hold repellent views. This is the norm.

Here they don’t get sine die. They get radio interviews and manager of the year citations.

They get gigs at the SFA.

Because of how many mates they have. Because their pals are everywhere.

And what a cesspit we’ve ended up with.

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  • Steve cooper hinds says:

    Dick Campbell is nothing but an illiterate gutless Hun who would never be anywhere near the trenches he is a born coward to hide behind the rest of the BBC Hun pundits to spout his rascist Hun bile,the SFA should ban this clown but they are of the same mindset anti Celtic so they will turn a blind eye.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Is Campbell still in football?? Surely there must be some bright you coaching talent who can offer more than this relic.

    Dick by name……… !

  • Roonsa says:

    Not so long ago, this sort of “cheeky” comment would have been used by managers of higher profile teams and lauded by the MSM. It’s in their psyche to use these tactics to ostracise those who are “different” to them. I would be amazed if any of our Japanese contingent get to hear about this, even in passing. I didn’t hear the comment and am, therefore, unsure as to why he would be given the opportunity to make them. Sounds like a stitch up to me.

    Do everyone a favour, Dick. Next time you are about to cross a busy road. Close your eyes.

  • Mark B says:

    There is no place for any kind of racism sectarianism or whatever we want to call it. Anywhere. Football is not immune and we must chase it out. Celtic Park is not immune either and we must root it out in our own support.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Only in jockland the best wee free orange masonic country in the world.

  • Solas sa Saoirse says:

    See yous Jimmy and Stephen! “Retarded” isn’t a term. It is a word. A term has a specific meaning. “Retarded” doesn’t. It means slowed down. e.g. A lorry’s speed going up a hill will be retarded. It depends on the context, of the words round about it which gives it it’s meaning. Really! If I had felt inclined to visit the Disabled Section at the Park, I would have done it. Grow Up! And Jim McLean’s, or it might have been Tommy McLean whose team had just been beaten by the Huns declared afterwards “Nothing Is Lost Between Friends”. Hmhh! They are Hun people and Tommy played for the Huns. He never refused the position! Ferguson was forced out at Ibrox ’cause his wife was a Catholic and he decided to leave. I don’t see how they would have subsequently asked him to be the Manager there!

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