Pitiful Ibrox Fan Site Desperately Clings To Pie In The Sky Player Valuations Fantasy.

Image for Pitiful Ibrox Fan Site Desperately Clings To Pie In The Sky Player Valuations Fantasy.

What do you do when your club has basically been caught lying to you?

What do you do when you’re in a close title race, and you look across the city and see your rivals are spending money and signing players whilst your own gets rid of one its most promising youth footballers and then doesn’t invest a single penny of the cash back into the team?

Do you start asking questions about your club?

Do you start digging down into the goings on inside your own walls?

Do you hold people to account?

Of course you don’t, not if you’re a Sevco site.

Instead, day after day after day you write about refs conspiring against you, you gleefully mock another team’s injury issues … and you clutch any straw that you can.

Today, the straw one site is clutching is a month’s old story about how there is “more value” in their squad than ours, taken from the utterly ridiculous “values” at

This continued failure of theirs to appreciate how transfer valuations actually work – they are not, for example, based on the fantasies of Daily Record journalists – never ceases to amaze me.

That website values Callum McGregor at £6.75 million.

Does anybody actually believe that’s a realistic fee? That we couldn’t get three times that for the guy?

Arbitrary valuations like those which are on that site have precisely zero relevance to what actually goes on in the football world.

I’ve seen Celtic sites quoting this nonsense before as well, and I’ll tell you; we do ourselves no favours leaning on the “information” which is on there because, as the valuation for McGregor shows, it is worthless as a proper gauge of what players are worth or what the overall value of a squad is.

Yet today, one Ibrox site is crowing about having a squad “valued” at £20 million higher than ours.

It’s simply amazing to me that they spend so much time thinking about this kind of thing.

Their own club told them players wouldn’t need to be sold in this window, just before they sold one.

They said their intent was always to emerge from a window stronger than they went in … does bringing in a loanee and recalling some of their own players from loan count?

It must, because that’s all they’ve done.

Are their fans worried? They should be.

But you would not know that to read their sites.

Instead this kind of garbage is what they are focussed on.

Bragging rights in a fight we’re not even interested in having with them.

No wonder their club views them, and treats them, like complete fools.

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  • Dex says:

    Not only Scott Brown lives in their heads rent free.Celtic live there also in a luxury apartment.They trawl the internet looking for things they can find that they are better than us no matter how outlandish,sad really.Grown men and women who cant handle the truth

  • Gerrybhoy says:

    I for one can’t understand why people with half a brain even read that rag it always last to let you know about anything I mean when it comes out with BREAKING NEWS it’s always about 2 months later than than any decent paper and more often than not they still can’t get it rite.

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