Clickbait And Scare Stories Will Not Derail Celtic From This Title Quest.

Image for Clickbait And Scare Stories Will Not Derail Celtic From This Title Quest.

List them all if you dare.

Celtic’s option on Jota might not be watertight. He might not sign even if it is.

Carter Vickers might not sign for Celtic, and even if he wants to, the buyout fee is only a “starting point” for negotiations. He could cost up to £10 million.

Celtic might not qualify for the Groups of the Champions League, even if they win the title.

Celtic face losing Tom Rogic. In 18 months. Unless we get cracking.

Celtic could lose Abada, McGregor, Hatate, Kyogo, Juranovic and others in the summer. Name your player, play EPL roulette for the club. Because the stories all come down to the same. This team, which Ange has literally just assembled, is already ripe for breaking up.

Ange himself will be drawing interest from elsewhere. We may lose the manager.

If those aren’t to your taste, try these tasty morsels from across town.

The Ibrox club is going to post a profit and is now on a firm footing to challenge us for every title race from now until the end of time.

Ramsey is the best footballer in Scotland and will prove it during the run-in.

Their soon-to-be-out-of-contract players are all set to be offered, and will sign, new deals.

If they beat Borussia Dortmund they will go on to win the league because morale will be sky high. If Dortmund beat them they will still win the league because they can then focus solely on winning the league. Or something like that.

All of it adds up to the same thing; it is Celtic perched on the cliff-edge, and peering down into the abyss. You would never think we were the top team in the league, the richest team in the country and that we had won the only domestic trophy up for grabs so far.

We are bombarded with this stuff constantly.

With relentless negativity on our end and relentless pro-Sevco fluff on the other.

But none of it actually matters, in no small part because so little of it actually reflects the reality we are faced with.

Scottish football has been dominated by our club for the last 20 years.

There have been little spells of Ibrox success in that time, but the truth still holds. We are the last remaining superpower, and no amount of clickbait garbage can change that simple fact.

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  • Damian says:

    All of the problems listed are potential issues and there’s nothing wrong with filling sports pages with articles about them if there’s nothing else to fill them with.

    All of them are problems which a club with a good football operation headed by a competent and relatively dispassionate Head of Football or Sporting Director wouldn’t worry about.

    Jota not signing? That’s a shame, here are another six wingers we can sign for the £6.5m we were willing to spend on him. Who should we approach first.

    Don’t think Carter Vickers, good as he is, is the best use of £10m? Here are alternatives. They fit the system (possibly better).

    The manager has done such a great job that come 2024 he’s off to West Ham? Thanks for everything big man, congratulations. Come do the halftime draw in a few years time. Here are four potential replacements. They fit the system and/or extend from it.

    All of that is a DoF’s job. By definition, it cannot be the manager’s job (he says, either, thanks for that excellent list of six players, the priority is player X then player Y). Good clubs these days are run that way, all of them, bad clubs are not. Get that structure sorted or we will be at best a flash in the pan act, until everyone else has done this as standard and it’s too late to even start playing catch up.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    “If sevco beat Dortmund they’ll go on to win league”. And if my Auntie had a pair of baws, she’d be my uncle. HH

  • harold shand says:

    Best one i’ve read the last few days is that they’re favourites to win the Scottish cup

    Never won it before , we’re top of the league , one cup in the already in the bag and utterly destroyed them 3 weeks ago

    But they’re the favourites

  • Martin H. says:

    Scotland has the weakest and most biased media on the planet.

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