How Long Before The Bitter Record Publishes The “If Ibrox Had VAR” League Table?

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Another set of SPL fixtures comes and goes, and the countdown moves us closer to the split, and once again the focus across the city isn’t on the points they dropped but the gigantic crime that was necessary in order for that to happen.

They blew a 2-0 lead at home, that’s the story of the day. That’s all of it.

They had a comfortable cushion and they could not keep it.

Instead of focussing on that and on what it means (and thus maybe how to fix it) they are focussing on the officials.

The Unseen Fenian Hand has once again played a role in this title race.

If I were in their shoes, focussing on crap like this instead of on a massive opportunity squandered I would be embarrassed at all the noise and fury directed at officials, and I’d be focussing on why our defence didn’t hold out, why our forwards didn’t do more and why the manager is so poor at changing games in a domestic setting.

The press will report this and pore over every incident. The Record, doubtless, will conclude that they should have gotten all of them.

Which begs the question that headlines the article; how long until that retrograde newspaper is printing another one of those meaningless drivel pieces they like so much?

How long until they are publishing the “If Only For VAR” League Table?

Which will, of course, show that Ibrox would be champions already except for those pesky referees!

I give it maybe another week at the outside.

They have to be thinking about this, because they moaning they are doing about refereeing has gotten past being merely ridiculous. These Peepul really do believe that it is a grand, gigantic conspiracy that stands between them and the title.

The press does do, which is why they’ve been squealing about it all season.

And as long as they are looking outward, they’ll never be able to diagnose that it’s inside their own club that things have started to unravel.

Long may their whingeing continue.

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  • harold shand says:

    At 2-0 up

    They were getting ready with the pics of Ange with his head in his hands and planning a podcast on how the Dortmund win is going to be the result that puts their poor league form behind them

  • NICK66 says:

    Celtic are floundering “Rangers” (IL) are on the ascendancy, all is right in the league again. VAR,VAR, VAR is the cry. Well we fluffed our lines todayb but they rwaly F’Dup.

  • NICK66 says:

    Rwaly= really.
    And they did f’up.

  • SSMPM says:

    VARKOV – Controlled media/press reporting, false propaganda, misinformation, data corruption, unsuccessful attacks on governing bodies, financial misrepresentation, institutional blame, threats, racial ethnic and religious bigotry and the deprivation and deliberate prevention of a decent civilised country. Scotland. HH

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