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The Media’s “Destabilise Celtic” Campaign Now Moves To Trying To Unsettle Juranovic.

Image for The Media’s “Destabilise Celtic” Campaign Now Moves To Trying To Unsettle Juranovic.

The press is reporting, tonight, that Brendan Rodgers is interested in taking Juranovic to Leicester.

If I had a quid for every time I’ve read that Rodgers is interested in signing a player from our club I would not have to blog for a living; I’d have a California beach-house with a pool and a plane on 24 hour standby to fly me to the games every week.

This is all part of the same old same old, which is journalists trying to fill column inches and others trying to destabilise our club by whatever means necessary.

Rodgers was up at the Dundee Utd game, for which he offered the explanation that he was here seeing friends and paying tribute to Wim. Do I believe that? About as much as I believe anything that comes out of that man’s mouth.

But to be honest, I don’t particularly care what his intentions actually were.

Juranovic is a new signing.

The club has no reason to agree to his transfer.

We wouldn’t even be tempted by whatever insulting sum Rodgers and Leicester thought he was worth even if this story wasn’t a bunch of hot air and even if the most recent transfer window hadn’t closed a mere eight days ago.

This stuff is boring. It is also transparent.

Much of our squad is tied down on long term deals now.

Certainly, the new signings are going precisely nowhere in the summer no matter how money is on offer for them. It would be different if these guys were clamouring to go, but the manager would never have signed players who would be making noise like that within 12 months … he makes that clear.

In spite of our spending, our financial position remains robust; indeed, we’ve probably posted a transfer window trading profit. And although we still have a couple of players to move on in the summer, and we’d like to, this guy isn’t amongst them.

Honestly, there are people in the media who quite honestly have nothing better to do with their time than write tittle-tattle like this, and that’s all it is really.

If anyone dared ask Ange a direct question on this, or on the Abada nonsense from the weekend they’d get short shrift … and that’s what all of us should be doing here; ignoring this crap.

We have better things to worry about, like Aberdeen tomorrow night.

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  • harold shand says:

    Judging by this ‘ story ‘

    Some employees of a Scottish newspaper who are tasked with having to come up with pro Rangers * stories and negative Celtic stories are not liking what they’re seeing with the current Celtic team and are a bit worried

  • Bhoy4life says:

    The media are so stupid here they dont realise that even if we do sell him, its only ever gonna be another mega bucks deal for us, whilst at the same time Sevco canny give away their dross, it wont weaken us, it’ll strengthen us by giving us more money to buy and invest yet again.
    Sevco can only dream of such a set up.

  • Roonsa says:

    I heard that, because his side were struggling at set pieces, he has his eye on taking those tactical geniuses McManus and Strachan away from us.

    Please God. Let it be true.

  • Christina says:

    Are any of us really surprised by this pathetic attempt at destabilising our squad? By Rodgers appearance at a game they have the added spice of dredging up painful memories, completely ignoring the fact we’ve all moved on, by making him the bogeyman who’s going to dismantle what Ange is building here. Makes a change from the usual un-named scouts from EPL clubs I suppose. Very few of us believe anything Rodgers says anymore and it could well be that he was on a spying mission looking over our players but who cares, as James says these guys are just in the door and all tied down on long term deals. We may as well get used to this crap as we are going to get this and any other made up negative pish they can think of from now till end of season- at least! They see and fear, what Ange is building; they hear the boys saying in interviews they’re all getting to know each other now and are becoming a tight unit which is transferring on to the pitch where they are playing, and fighting, for each other. So they have got to try and break up the feel good ethos around this team, orders from on high probably- who cares? They are not going to succeed the other mob will start to turn on each other as pressure mounts whilst we calmly and resolutely go about our business. Only one winner here despite what the media & refs try to throw at us, we were born in adversity!!

    • Damian says:

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if clubs with lots of money are interested in signing some of our current first team players.

    • Bill Dwyer says:

      It’s rubbish. Rogers will be at Old Trafford next season.

  • Martin says:

    This is merely emblematic of the crucial fact.

    Us winning the league this year will have far more impact on sevco than last season ever would’ve had on us. We didn’t fold like a house of cards, but sans CL money they are highly likely to fold like a house of debt.

  • JimboH says:

    Good shout Christina.
    You still searching for a new spiritual home?
    Too much of the woke / anti woke culture wars at Pat’s gaff these days
    while over at Ralph’s pad, despite the fact that it has been fumigated and deloused of the Green Germ and despite Ralph’s increased output it’s pretty much lifeless these days.
    Like you I seem to be ‘blog-hopping’ these days.
    Take care and I hope the ménage a trois has survived the trials and tribulations of the Pandemic Lockdown.
    Can’t have been easy.

    • Roonsa says:

      Gonnae ask her whit she hud fur her tea mate? This is riveting stuff.

    • Christina says:

      Thanks JimboH nice to hear from you but guess I better keep this short (and not too sweet) as we appear to have upset Roonsa ?? yep still blog-hopping ‘ back to where I started from when Roonsa was still in short trousers lol catch up soon- somewhere – take care!

  • Damian says:

    What would be the most likely explanation for why Rodgers was at the Dundee United game?

  • Henry says:

    I think he will be looking at Jota. He actually has a chance of getting him cos he can offer 10 times what we can. The only decision Jota has to make is does he want to improve (and Celtic has a track record of improving players) and then make a megabucks move or does he want the megabucks now. Rumours of Liverpool interest also. Ultimately it is down to the player, as it should be,

    If he did decide to go, I would wish him well. If he stayed I would be overjoyed.

  • Henry says:

    Probably looking at Jota.

  • John says:

    After watching Leicester at the weekend I would think Rogers would be interested in signing all of our team.

  • Benjamin says:

    The Scottish MSM may have an agenda here, but the reality is that stories like this are inevitable with the way this team is playing right now. Juranovic had a masterful game vs Rangers, and every club in England and most top level clubs across Europe would have been watching with no other top level matches going on at that moment. If this team demolishes Rangers at Ibrox or they’re still in the Conference League in April, Juranovic won’t the only player with transfer speculation swirling. And the reality is, if these players are playing that well and attracting bids of £10-15m+, realistically Ange is going to take the money and buy a replacement for £5m or less. The important thing for the club is that if any of these guys go (the 1st team regulars, not the fringe players), the club get fair compensation. And right now that is likely to be an 8-figure sum for any of the top 12-15 players in the squad. In the mean time, these stories just reinforce what a marvelous job Ange has done with recruitment and how well the players are performing.

    • Christina says:

      Good post and probably true, guess this is our reality, anyway no way this board will turn down megabucks offers like these. I would love to win this league and see this team get a crack at CL football – but then, if they do well, I’ll be worried about someone coming in for Ange!!

  • SSMPM says:

    Did our last RB not go for £10 mil not long after getting in the door, albeit under a different CEO and yes man(ager). HH

  • Paul Mac says:

    If Sky sports is to be believed Brendan´s jacket is on a bit of a shoogily peg so who knows if he will even be in a job by the end of the season ??

    In this feed they are reporting that the Brighton manager and Gattuso are being lined up to replace him !!

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