Ibrox Fans Are Moaning At A Blog Column Which Simply Stated The Obvious.

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It doesn’t take a lot to get them in a flap, does it?

And tonight Ibrox fan media, the club itself and the agent of Aaron Ramsey are having a go at Alison McConnell for writing, in a column, what everyone is fully aware of; the move to sign the player was utter desperation, and designed to change the media narrative after bad results.

“At 31 and with a catalogue of injuries behind him, Ramsey will feel delighted that he managed to get his boots on to remind himself just what that feels like; since last September, his only contribution in Juventus colours was six minutes in a European game against Zenit,” she wrote, and followed it up with this. “Time will tell whether or not it was an inspired move to bring in the Welsh internationalist but there is a suspicion that it smacked of a desperate last throw of the dice as the hours of the window ticked away.”

And they are freaking out over it. Disrespectful, some of them are calling it, because McConnell didn’t realise that she wasn’t supposed to write facts, she was supposed to bow and kiss the feet of the “greatest signing in Scotland since Laudrup.”

Uhuh. What a joke.

The reaction is typical of a support which refuses to hear anything it doesn’t like.

That Ramsey’s own agent felt like he needed to weigh in is quite embarrassing for the player; if has a point to prove, would it not be better if he proved it on the park rather than have his agent slam a journalist for writing the facts?

Has Ramsey had injuries? Yes, it’s a known fact.

Did he play very little football for Juventus? Yes, it’s a known fact.

Was it a last ditch move? Yes, that’s a fact as well.

On top of that, it came after a series of bad results which suggest that it was pretty desperate.

There really is no club like them in their level of intolerance for even basic commentary they disapprove of.

They are squealing that McConnell works for “The Celtic Way”, which she does. They don’t remind their readers that the whole enterprise – which also involves the so-called Rangers Review – is run and edited by one of their own former bloggers.

Ramsey was signed prior to the Celtic game.

He didn’t even get on the bench.

He didn’t start against Hibs or Hearts.

He played against a lower league team in the cup … wow.

To outsiders, it is nothing more than a piece of expensive bling.

It wasn’t a game-changer; it was a headline changer.

That’s all, and what’s hilarious about it of course is that it didn’t even do that for long, because just days later they came to Parkhead, got their beating, and the headlines got worse instead.

They can’t blame Alison McConnell, or anyone else, for that.

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  • Christopher Parkes says:

    My initial reaction when 1st hearing the rumour never mind him actually signing was “when did David Murray take over again”. This is exactly what he did after a bad run, get the cheque book out to make the hoards look at the shiny shiny and offer some succulent lamb to the MSM. The more things change….

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