Ange Gets Everything Right As Celtic Take A Big Step Towards The Title

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Well Hell, what do bloggers know anyway?

That folks – that – was how to win at Livingston!

So Ange got it spot on after all, and that wasn’t just reflected in the result but in the performance. Things were done differently today in every way. We trained on plastic before it. We played the guys most used to the surface. We kept the ball on the deck instead of relying on cross balls. We didn’t score early but we scored early enough.

And something else; something I didn’t expect and which nobody could have predicted. We clearly did some work on set pieces because we looked dangerous today with every one that we had. The opener came from one, but the signs were there before that.

Maeda was excellent. His goal was pure predatory instinct. He and Forrest used their pace to terrorise and the Famous Name got a step closer to the 100 goals. He will surely get there now and he is entitled to all the credit in the world when he does.

The team was aggressive and intent on doing damage. We conceded a really poor goal when the defence appeared to go to sleep for a moment, but we did not let it upset the attacking rhythm of the team. The game required a big, big performance and the team delivered that today in spades. The Livingston “hoodoo” falls … and a lot of the hopes of our rivals fall with it.

Because if we can win comfortably at Livingston – on this most horrible surface, against this most horrible manager who doesn’t feel any inclination to play football – we shouldn’t really fear any other ground in the country.

This was our potential banana skin and so this result is massive.

I was less worried about this one than I am about Ibrox; Ibrox takes care of itself. Today, at the cathedral of anti-football, we were expected to get our big test.

For months whenever I’ve looked at the fixture list this was the one I looked forward to least, but we made sure of the three points with an assured, composed and confident performance. We have been a little flat of late and we needed a big performance …. this was a great time and a great place to get it, and with an eight day break for the team before the Scottish Cup quarter final I think we really are in good shape here.

The bottom line is this; we can only throw it away.

Eight games left folks. Eight games. What a finish it is shaping up to be, with Celtic firmly in the drivers seat.

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  • James Love says:

    Something in Ange so strong.

    • Roonsa says:

      Look up Barry from Eastenders singing that song (inexplicably) at the 2014 World Indoor Bowls Final. It is one of the most incredible things you will ever see.

  • jrm63 says:

    The pressing in the middle of the park was superb – probably the best of the season. Maeda needs to work on his first touch and attack the back stick when Jota has it. Was unmarked and ready to slot it home if Forrest had given him it at the third – which he should have really. The one sour note was leaving Taylor to jump with the first man at that set piece. Rerun of the second Aberdeen goal. Either put him as first man facing the ball or on the line. Excellent performance

  • Kevin says:

    Slight disagreement from me on manager today.crying out for subs after 3rd goal. But for 4th time Livvy launch kick off toward Midget Taylor and get throw in and score.. Ange sticks to 433 every time. Why not tighten up with McCarthy on? I wish Hart would waste time rather than cos us danger when we are winning

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Great result and performance from all the team well done ange and his coaching team just keep wining celtic.

  • harold shand says:

    Huge result and sticking it up that wee hun w*nk Martindale , brilliant

    • Scud Missile says:

      Martingale the guy should be nowhere near any football club with his criminal past.
      But hey what do we expect from the SFA and the SPFL when they passed the CHISLER to take over ibrox.
      They supposedly do drug tests throughout the season on players and here you have a manager caught punting the stuff and who did jail time for it in charge of a club.
      I reckon the tickly handshake was in action to get him through and past due diligence.

  • SSMPM says:

    Great finish from the namesake, he deserves his 100 goals when it comes. Injuries have seriously impacted on that 100 goals. He may be heading toward the twilight of his career but his trophy/medal cabinet must be overflowing, he’s been a great and loyal servant to Celtic. HH

  • Saulgoodman says:

    Massive 3pts well done bhoys – livingstone an embarrassment to football , win free kicks chuck it in , a team of hammer throwers these team we play every week , anti football turgid to watch ,as if there’s any skill in getting 10 men behind the ball – this was livingstone free hit + they leave their star striker on the bench !!

  • Martin says:

    We won the league today. This was the game they were looking for us to drop points. We didn’t. Never underestimate the momentum that gives. Forrest today showed why people need to stop writing him off. But I thought Bitton was superb. A man reborn in CDM, he absolutely walked this game. Starfelt too had a good game, though that is a player in need of a goal.

    Importantly we showed that when “the pressure is on” [sic] we can cope. Several times that ibrox mob have either failed to capitalise on us playing first and dropping points, or have themselves fallen at this hurdle. Today we got our test. And we strolled it.

    We have many hard games left, but today our team gained the champion’s mentality.

  • Henry says:

    Much more like our old selves – the passing was quicker and more accurate and as much I think Forrest cant cross the ball for toffee, he is really good coming through the middle with an excellent shot on him. More of the same please Bhoys.

    • Martin says:

      No point crossing in this team. Some of his runs into the danger zone were excellent. We’ve needed someone to run at defences recently.

      • Roonsa says:

        When you say “in this team” surely you mean a team with no Kyogo in it. Once we get Kyogo back mate, we will be looking for those near post balls to be whipped in again. It will totally add another dimension to our game. For the run in, that could be massive.

  • jrm63 says:

    CCV is the best centre back I have seen at Parkhead in years. However much it costs just get him

  • smokey says:

    Great result today and Celtic were excellent….much better than recently.
    Foe me Startfelt had a fine game and is improving all the time.

    What a right prick Andy Walker is……he is so anti Celtic …..all because big Billy dropped him many moons ago:)

  • Iljas Baker says:

    Who would have thought Livi wouldn’t double up on Jota and JF?

    Who would have thought Jota would be excellent on a plastic pitch?

    The press from us was constant, hunting in packs so Livi couldn’t get their counter going. This is defending from the front at its best.

    Great to see CCV and Starfelt bringing the ball out a lot more, obviously on Ange’s instructions. It worked a treat.

    Who said Starfelt couldn’t take the tough stuff? He did and gave as good as he got. And he got my MOM.

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