Ange Slaps The Hacks Down Again With A Reminder That Only Our Results Matter.

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The media continues to ask Ange daft questions and he continues to slap back at them. I haven’t watched the full presser, so I have no idea who asked him about “other clubs” and their fixtures but the boss game a perfect answer to the question.

“I don’t look at other fixtures and I don’t look at other results.

What concerns me is what we do.”

That is the best way to deal with such a query.

Because – and this is obviously proving to be a difficult thing for the press to get their heads around – as long as we are winning, consistently, putting points on the board and looking after our own business there is not a thing anyone else can do to stop us in this title race.

We are on top. We are three points clear.

If we can maintain our current form we will be champions, and that’s all there is. Understandably, some in the media cling to the fantasy that another club can overhaul us without having to actually beat us.

The media talks sometimes as if all the Ibrox club has to do is win all the games peripheral to the ones against us and everything will be fine.

We don’t have to be constantly looking to see where they are; we know where they are. Behind us. And since this is about winner takes all it doesn’t matter if they’re behind us by three points, one point or even one goal when this season ends.

This all feeds into the scummy narrative that we will only win this league if someone “hands it to us”, as though we’re not the ones on the long unbeaten run.

The form of this team has been unbelievable over the course so far … and that’s why we’re closing in on the title with eight games left to go, and why we can probably win it in early April.

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  • NICK66 says:

    Firstly i’ll state my preference is win, win, win and win again. However we can draw one game and win the rest and we are Champions by a point. We can afford 2 other draws against them and the result remains the same. In other words the Ipox club must win all their games to lift the Trophy, we only need 2 draws against them to do the same. I believe we will defeat them at home, post split and the League is back where it belongs. As you say James, this is ours to lose.

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