Eight Games Left, Three Points Clear And Every Decision Celtic Get Is Under The Spotlight.

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As the clock ticks down and as Celtic’s grip on the top spot tightens, the hacks are getting increasingly desperate.

The scrutiny of some of the decisions at yesterday’s game is so over the top you had think we’d committed some crime against football.

Earlier in this season, it was Hearts bitching for days on end about a throw in.

Now all eyes are turned to a corner kick.

Amazing that they should choose that to get so uptight about, as we’ve been almost utterly useless at set-pieces all season long. How fortunate for them that the first one we get right in a long time gives them something to moan at.

Note how the Livingston defender who scythed down Rogic when he was already on a yellow isn’t the subject of the scrutiny. Note the two penalty decisions we didn’t get aren’t being given a closer look.

Note too that Ibrox’s winner against Aberdeen on Saturday would have the swirl of controversy about it if the hacks weren’t so busy high-fiving with relief. Arfield should have seen red too.

And they needed the benefit of the doubt on that game, having not, prior to the goal, put a single shot on target.

There were just nine minutes left.

Had they not scored, the engravers would already be halfway towards putting our name back on the SPFL trophy.

This is only going to get worse, and it’s already pretty bad.

This club will face more scrutiny than it ever has before as the games continue to tick down.

If we win against Dundee Utd in the cup we’re ten games from a domestic treble again …

Ange has a right good chance of that at this point, and the press – who had convinced themselves that their favourite club was “back on top” – are sweating that possibility more than any other.

The games to come are going to be fierce battles on and off the pitch.

Our enemies are in a cold sweat over what might happen and they are ramping the pressure up. Refs and officials deserve scrutiny, but all of it is coming from decisions in relation to one club; ours.

That is unprecedented, but then these are unprecedented times.

This Celtic side, under this manager, was never supposed to be a success. In their disbelief and shock at what has come to pass they are looking for any explanation or excuse … and the refs are getting the blame.

It is sweetly ironic. It is also nonsense.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    We are Celtic – The Hoops play in Scotland – The most scummy footy country in the universe… t’was always this, t’was always will be this… Putin esque media and all that …

  • John McCart says:

    Also, no-one has mentioned or noticed that the Livi throw-in which led to their goal was a foul throw. Their player’s feet were both on/over the line which made it illegal.

  • Tony B says:

    We fight fire with fire.

    The Celtic blogosphere is now more powerful than most of the SMSM, despite the front loading of huns and their fellow travellers in BBC Scotland Sport radio and T.V.

    So keep THEM under the closest scrutiny, highlight the cheating and false narratives and don’t let these cheats, liars and toadies away with a thing.

    Let them know all the time that “We’re watching you”

    No let up.

  • John S says:

    If the anti-Celtic faction want to GENUINELY clean up refereeing appointments then so be it.

  • Scud Missile says:

    As I posted earlier today on FF they are screaming blue murder nae jokes that Beaton, Robertson, Madden and Clancy are corrupt and have it in for the sevco klan klub at ibrox by helping and supporting Celtic to win the league this season,as all the refs mentioned above give Celtic everything and sevco nothing.
    Jump on the blog it is COMEDY GOLD with conspiracy theories.

  • Bob (original) says:

    We need to build on the upbeat performance yesterday.

    The very last thing we need is a ‘helicopter Sunday’ to decide this title…

  • SSMPM says:

    Every decision Celtic get is under the hun sphere of scrutiny. Sportscum, radio ga ga, dr, the scum, and every ex player that used to play for the real former club Rangers are out and a shout trying to spread their influence on the authorities to return to the former status quo. Its hurting and their faces are trippin’ them. We are right under their skin now, in their heads day and night, and their blood is boiling but they are, as you say Tony B, right under our scrutiny too and of course that of the Celtic Blog. HH

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