Ibrox Can Indulge Its Delusions. When Ange Wins This Title No Celtic Fan Will Care.

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As expected, the internet is full of people tonight talking up the arrogant idea that the Ibrox club can win the Europa League.

Can they? In a one off game anything is possible, but it’s presuming a lot when a number of top class clubs still stand in their way.

This Ibrox side is well made for the European game, that much is obvious, but when push comes to shove I reckon quality is going to tell more often than not, and then this little fantasy ends.

The thing about their European run, it’s all built without pressure.

They aren’t expected to win these sort of games and so they can perform without the suffocating stress that envelops them when they play here at home.

Progress in Europe looks nice on a manager’s CV but at the end of it what do they have if Celtic sweep the board domestically?

They have what we had in the Seville season; nothing.

They won the treble that year. We are on course for doing that this season. Let them kid on all they like that a European run will make up for having to watch that. It won’t, and we know it won’t.

They think we’d swap places with them as they march towards the last eight of the Europa League. They are delusional. By the time the title race ends, if Ange is standing holding that trophy there is not a Celtic fan on Planet Earth who will care.

This season is all about us. The media will invent an Ibrox success story based on an extended European run, and I hope they give their Dutch manager the job on the back of it.

Because if we win it this season, with all the obstacles that were in our way, then they simply aren’t going to stop us next season no matter who is in charge over there.

Celtic is only going to get better and better and better.

Ange’s plan is coming more sharply into focus and when all of our players are fit and available, and especially if the boss has Champions League money to finance his ambitions, then we will leave them in the dust.

I think we’re odds on favourites for the title next season no matter what happens between now and the end of this one.

So let them have their fun. Let them embrace the full measure of their delusions.

Celtic has not, as they predicted, collapsed like a house of cards.

We’ve rallied. We’ve regrouped. We have actually come back stronger than we were because now there is a genuine visionary at the helm. That is not a delusional, that is a cold, hard fact.

And it’s the one that will dictate the immediate future of the game here.

This title, and the next few beyond it.

A European run won’t come close to this.

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  • Benjamin says:

    That Europa League is up for the taking right now. It’s unlikely Rangers will go on to win it, but there isn’t a team left in that tournament that is better than the Dortmund club they already beat. By reputation Barcelona would be clear favorites, but this year’s Barca team is not what it once was – they’re struggling domestically having only won 13 league games this season and may not qualify for CL next season (!). After that it’s a who’s who of secondary teams from top leagues: Atalanta, Lyon, West Ham, Leverkusen, etc. All of those clubs are beatable.

    The carrot for winning the Europa League – aside from the trophy itself – is automatic entry into Champions League and, more importantly, seeded into pot 1.

    The other benefit to Rangers is the 10 year UEFA club coefficient which is used to determine part of the broadcasting payouts and which will benefit that club for the next 10 years. That’s not a trivial amount of money, and to the extent it’s CL money they get over the next 10 years, those extra coefficient points will be worth millions.

    None of this should be discounted.

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      They have no chance!! That is a fact! Not interested anyway but let the cretins be as we win another TREBLE!

      • Aaron says:

        We go to deadco with a 3 point lead and as long as we don’t lose that will be them more our less finished off cmon the hoops

    • Roonsa says:

      Sevilla will win it again. Put a monkey on it. But, should West Ham overturn the 1-0 deficit on Thursday, they are the team to beat.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    I never even knew this score till this morning as not interested ! Rather watch paint dry! Leave the ” weirdo” stalking of our Great Clubs blogs game and youtube content to the vile poison of mordor, no Tim’s should even comment on then appart from when we have ti play ” der hun”

  • Scud Missile says:

    I was looking forward to us playing on the Saturday while the soap dodgers and the tax dodgers played catchbup on the Sunday.
    But watch as our games will be penned in and changed for a Sunday to coincide with sevco so the pressure is not on them.

  • JimBhoy says:

    As Ange says it’s all about what we do. I do not follow rangers scores. Why is the Celtic game not on Saturday??

  • Roonsa says:

    I don’t want to get cocky like some (James) but I am happy about their European diversion. If Red Star score an early goal on Thursday then it could turn into a war of attrition. That lot don’t have the legs for that. Extra time please. Regardless, it’s going to be a tough night for them. Then they are away at Dundee 3 days later which is where they stink up the joint.

    As with previous years, they are doing well in Europe. This year they also have us to deal with.

    I am hopeful. It’s definitely not in the bag but I am excited about our future (and theirs).

  • Albert McCr says:

    My real concern is how shit we have been in Europe too often

  • Martin says:

    It’s useful for us in the league, certainly. But no matter what we tell ourselves, that cup is there to be won. Sevco could win it just as much as anyone else. They’ll certainly fear nobody after Dortmund. I think even getting to the final would be noteworthy and their fans would rightly be happy and proud. Sadly it’s all too possible. Will it hurt their league form? Probably, but I think their players are performing in Europe only as they’re looking for a move, performances at Dens Park less of a priority in that regard.

    I’d hate them to win the Europa league, but if they did… You can’t argue it was undeserved. Their form. In Europe has been excellent. Ours has been atrocious (for years).

  • Bob (original) says:

    It’s our title to lose.
    We have a squad that can deliver the Treble – yet again.

    Let sevco get distracted with the EL.
    If they DON’T win it, then Ibrox will only get loans again in the summer.
    And they won’t even be able to take on another, lame, show-pony! 🙂

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