The Record Is Guilty Of Gross Irresponsibility In The Celtic Boys Club Abuse Case.

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The Daily Record has today publicised the latest “exclusive” from the website of The Scottish Daily Express, who have spent the last month or so trying to elevate their online site with a bunch of clickbait garbage and scandalous gossip.

One of their “sources of information” is a notorious Twitter feed run by lunatics and fanatics, whose obsession is with the Boys Club scandal.

The Express doesn’t give a toss about responsible reportage, and it never has.

I’ve always thought that paper was just one step above the Weekly World News; its obsession with comets, and solar flares and super-volcanos and other Armageddon stories is just one facet of its audience outreach.

Lately it publishes non-stop speculation about Vladimir Putin’s health.

In short, I expect them to sensationalise and dredge the gutter.

It is the stock-in-trade of that rag.

But other mainstream titles should not be following them there.

Today, The Daily Record has done exactly that by giving credence to two lurid and unsubstantiated claims that The Express is running; the one that “40 deaths might be linked to the scandal” and a notorious “list” of suspects, most of whom have never been charged with an offence far less convicted of one.

It is a flat-out disgrace to see a mainstream title giving credibility to the kind of “journalism” that is not even one step up from vigilantism.

There is no “justice” being sought here … it’s a blatant clickbait hits grab.

If this stuff is accurate then it’s a matter for the procurator fiscal, not the gutter press. If these claims stand up to scrutiny then they will be investigated. It’s not the media’s role to act as judge and jury or whip up the lynch mob.

The claim about the “40 deaths” is the sort of exploitative, unsubstantiated trash which most bloggers wouldn’t even entertain.

There is no evidence that these claims are even remotely true; the “link” is based on dead people with the same names as former Boys Club players; it is tenuous at best.

That is not journalism by any stretch of the imagination.

I understand that it’s international week.

I understand mainstream sites, under pressure from the blogs, need to get their traffic.

But honest to God, the irresponsibility of airing these kind of lurid allegations rather than allowing the legal processes to work is absolutely shameful. Our club should be outraged.

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  • scouse bhoy says:

    scotlands media shame.

  • Cairncross says:

    Trouble is a full scale enquiry into the Scottish game will bring out the dirty laundry that existed in clubs whose directly employed staff carried out those heinous crimes.
    Do the SMSM really want that, I suggest not as their favoured club is as guilty as any.
    I don’t think mentioning any names is really helpful, but people in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • Gary says:

    Did the same thing with the wee boy accused of killing his girlfriend back in early 2000s trial by tabloid.

  • Denis Kelly says:

    Unless the celtic board take legal action against these tabloids then they will continue with this bile.If they sit back and do nothing they are giving credence to these allegations.So take them to court and ban them from all press briefings.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Does any right thinking adult expect anything different,?
    That’s why I have ALL SCOTTISH press in my ‘no thanks section’ BLACKLISTED
    I get more than enough of their garbage reading James tearing it apart, tbph, sometimes I do not even read those topics when you cover them.
    I’ve no reason to expect decent everyday journalism is about to break out and then for those same ‘hacks’ to actually check sources etc calling it amateur hour is bumming it up.

    Their work is a disgrace and they ALL should be named and shamed.
    Every last one of them.

    • John says:

      Why do the press think the club from Ibrokes are free from guilt and don’t also expose them also ?

  • harold shand says:

    i seen the tweet the ‘ trainee journalist ‘ posted then deleted

    ” Stayed tuned and in the next few days we’ll reveal another name ”

    Fckin shocking , like he’s gonna announce who’s appearing on Big Brother

    Then i googled him and a pic of his face came up , ffs one of they faces you’d never tire of slapping

  • Seppington says:

    Surely the club must finally ban them from CP?

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