Another Front Opens In The Ibrox Civil War As Craig Houston Rides Into Battle.

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The Daily Record is today pushing the cause of Craig Houston, of Sons of Struth, as he jumps into the Ibrox civil war.

Having already issued pieces excoriating their current board, it is clear that the paper is now actively pushing the talking points put forward by the fans.

This isn’t really surprising, because the roots of it obviously go back to the start of the season and the way in which the Ibrox board limited media access. They know who they blame for that – David Graham, the ex-DUP man who is their PR head and now a member of the board – and that’s one of the reasons they’ve targeted him.

Houston has also targeted him.

His highly personal, and dreadfully written, ranting statement, the “highlights” of which have been picked up by the media – and the hilarious idea of his “coming out of retirement” as if he’s more of a James Bond than a James Blunt – is written as an “open letter” to Graham, and hints that they know each other’s secrets.

Threats now hang in the air over all the various camps.

The threat of mutually assured destruction appears not to be putting people off from beligerent posturing.

What it all makes clear is that this is feeding time at the zoo.

Every publicity hungry creature which has ever flocked around Ibrox is going to poke its beak into this, all scrambling for prominence like thirsty pigeons pecking at a puddle.

A lot of Ibrox fans, waking up this morning to Houston’s self-aggrandising “here I come to save the day!” declaration, followed by King’s mad “offer” to compensate the club for pulling out of the AngeBall Tour, are aghast at the state their club has devolved to since the announcement of the Australian friendly was made.

But in truth, this has been on the cards for months, since King made his failed attempt to return to the board. He has seen this moment for what it is, an opportunity to exploit.

What Houston has proved today is that King isn’t the only one who smells blood in the water.

This tends to happen when revolution is in the air; opportunists flock to the scene, hoping that they can get themselves noticed in case there is regime change. These Peepul are lining up in case there is a putsch.

They want to make sure they are first in line for the sweeties.

If this was our club, I would be in despair.

As it’s theirs, I’ve got the popcorn ready.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    Houston is King’s lackey.

  • Edward Mc Graw says:

    As Celtic fans, I suggest we simply leave them to it, so long as they’re fighting amongst themselves, the less they’re focussed on the bigger picture.

    • DAVE R says:

      All they’ll be concentrating on is their taxitional trashing of the City centre in Braga or Seville when they lose.

  • dave r says:

    Happy days are here again!!!!!!!

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