Ibrox Is Openly Pursuing A Policy Of Non Co-Operation. There Must Be Consequences.

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The decision by Ibrox’s board today to reject the SPFL’s latest commercial sponsorship deal is a slap in the face to the league body and the rest of the clubs and comes only 24 hours after one of those clubs, and the league itself, rescheduled a match at their request.

Ibrox has two separate deals with two separate NFT companies.

The idea that they are precluded from entering into a third one is absurd.

The money on offer is probably miniscule, but the statement they are making here could not be more clear.

Their board is not going to co-operate with anything the SPFL does. If they can find a way to be obstructive they will do it as a matter of course. There is no reasoning with people who have taken such a decision, there is no way to sway them except to treat them in the manner in which they are treating the rest of the sport.

If they want to be on the outside, that is where they should be put.

Celtic has experienced this for ourselves, and to our cost. Their club’s decision over ticketing was a scandal, but we acted properly in that we responded in kind. We sent a very clear signal that we would not tolerate that kind of behaviour towards our fans. Whatever they have done in regards tickets, we have mirrored in our approach.

Still, we had to witness the shocking spectacle of their club, under pressure from its own fans, pulling out of the Australia tour.

They cannot be trusted to keep their word. They cannot be trusted to act in good faith.

Our realisation of this is why we’re now very blatantly rejecting the Survival Lie.

We are not going to tolerate their nonsense.

The SPFL should not be tolerating it either.

How much longer are other clubs and officials going to continue pretending that the Ibrox board represents a benign entity?

They are a malignancy.

They respect nothing and no-one.

They will test the boundaries until they meet resistance and the SPFL does not seem to be erecting barriers in their path.

There is talk of prize money being with-held. It should be and it must be.

If clubs do not want to fulfil their obligations under the SPFL’s commercial charter then they should forfeit any of the rewards, and it’s just that simple. The SPFL can choose to roll over or it can choose to take a stand, but if it does roll over the current executive needs to be replaced.

Because we cannot have one club acting as if the rules and regulations and obligations which every other club meets and follows do not apply to them. If Ibrox wants to act in a renegade fashion they should be treated as a renegade club.

Their actions need to have consequences, or they will not stop here. How many more times has the lesson got to be learned; when this club is appeased a fresh outrage is only just around the corner.

The line has to be drawn … indeed it should have been drawn before now, and harsh measures brought to bear.

Nothing else will suffice.

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  • vincent mcsherry says:

    James, you do not seem to understand that Old Firm Fc and the SfA are in it together , not a lot we can do about that, is there? Maybe we can but it will not at all be easy, Hail Hail.fa

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