The John Kennedy “Dossier” Story Is A Piece Of Anti-Celtic Media Michief

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Typical of our media to try to sensationalise this morning, and it is far from being the only example of it. But when I read headlines this morning that John Kennedy was assisting RB Leipzig with their game plan for tonight I thought it smelled fishier than something caught off the pier and left to rot in a car boot for a week. And so it proved to be.

His “assistance” amounts to making a phone call. That’s it. That’s what we’re talking about here. He took a call from Andreas Hinkel and told them stuff that our former player could have learned from watching videos of how we beat them at Celtic Park.

The media would love nothing more than to write a story about nasty minded Celtic are trying to sabotage another Scottish club in Europe; we, it has to be said, are not the club who has repeatedly turned its training ground over to teams who have come to play sides here. That’s them across town, the side Jackson and others thing we should be all united behind.

Even if we were so inclined – which I am certain that none of us are – this is the kind of cheap trick from the press which would put us off.

RB don’t need to take lessons from us in how to win this tie. They should simply ask one of the teams who have already beaten the Ibrox club in Europe this season – Malmo maybe, who won the games that mattered most and knocked them out of the Champions League.

I hate to go on about that or their Europa League record – six wins in sixteen games – or that our own record in the competition is actually better in spite of us going out at the Group Stage. But this kind of nonsense makes it very hard to want anything other than for them to get a right good doing tonight, and I do want that and make no bones about it.

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  • Dando says:

    I wonder how many fans of oldfirm fc were supporting Villareal last night?

    It’s a rivalry….. simples


  • Bob says:

    Well said James this lot are unbelievable about what they say I also hope they get stuffed tonight

  • John A says:

    Leipzig is my 2nd team tonight, any team playing them is!

  • Johnny Green says:

    Even if John Kennedy had given RBL a dossier on Them, I personally would be all for it. I worship the ground that they are going into.

  • John Trainor says:

    The bigger and sadder picture in this is the (unrequired) fanning of flames between the rabid Rangers supporters (version 2) and all others. By putting this message out the papers involved feed the brainless the fodder they live off and when there is trouble they sell more papers etc etc, a very sad circle of decreasing returns. The sooner the scottish Pravda press go to the wall the better. There isnt one I buy or read as it is all sensationalism and only put out to sell copies to the lowest denominator of that team support.

    Serious stuff finished, I hope RB completely hammer them tonight and put the game to bed with the visit to Ibrox a procession to the final for them (RB)

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