Carter Vickers Edges Closer To The Celtic Deal The Hacks Never Thought Would Be Done.

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According to reports tonight, Cameron Carter Vickers is edging closer to his Celtic move.

This is very good news, and we’re all very keen to see this deal getting done as soon as possible. One way or another it has to be. If reports this week are to be believed we’ve got until 15 June to tie up the deal or any club who wants him is free to make a bid.

Since the very earliest days of his time at Celtic, and once the press had twigged that this guy was a very good player and someone worth keeping around, there has been unremitting nonsense talked about this contract.

For starters, they have consistently, wilfully, misrepresented and underplayed the advantage we had which was simply that we were first. Getting the guy on a right-to-buy agreement handed us a major say in his future. Not the definitive say – that was always going to rest with the player – but a big one nonetheless.

We were far ahead of the other teams.

Then the media raised doubts as to whether we’d pay the transfer fee.

The one that was already negotiated in his contract as a right-to-buy when we made the loan deal.

The press then inflated that number and claimed – perversely, as though they had no idea how this stuff worked – that the clause wasn’t written in stone but a “starting point.”

Utter guff, all of it. Designed to do what?

To make us doubt the deal would go through? I never understood what they thought they would get out of that, it didn’t influence our club’s ability to make the thing happen either way.

But it did cheer up a lot of Ibrox fans who thought the player was outside our price range. Even as they entertained thoughts of Ramsey on a permanent and teaming him up with Gareth Bale.

They do live in an absolute fantasy world sometimes.

For all the media’s negativity and for all the suggestions by some of the stupider pro-Ibrox sections of it that Celtic lacked the financial muscle for it, we are just days away from proving how dumb they are, closing an outstanding piece of business and laying down one hell of a marker for the rest of this campaign.

I cannot wait until it’s finalised.

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  • Frankie says:

    They are also drinking to much cludgy water.

  • Ange says:

    Started reading everything in an Aussie accent!!!!

  • FSTB says:

    I think celtic is a good fit for CCV
    He is now getting noticed for his county
    And has impressed this season
    As for sevco
    The cry was no Ubender

  • Bob (original) says:

    Would be a great boost to get CCV permanently, and ensure continuity at the back.

    Add in a few more quality signings – early doors – and then a good pre-season, which should give us the best chance of a strong start to the SPL and the CL.

    […whilst sevco PR / the DR tries to talk up a contract extension for 37 years old Davis. 🙂 ]

  • SSMPM says:

    If we can secure the deal then I see that as a real show of confidence in Ange, enhancing his and the club’s reputation still further across Europe and the USA in particular (Asia’s already covered) and hopefully raising the chances of enticing players that would otherwise only want EPL football.

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