Celtic Fans Seem To Agree With Banning Ibrox Supporters. It’s Over To The Club Now.

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Several of the blogs have now pretty much said the same thing today and yesterday; it is time the club took the decision to refuse an allocation for Ibrox and to ban their fans from Celtic Park.

Based on the response to those articles, I reckon most fans are now in agreement.

This technically puts us in breach of the SPFL regulations, but the governing body has done nothing to keep our fans and players safe, so it is now down to us.

There will be some form of punishment for refusing their fans an allocation.

We should be willing to accept that punishment. It will be in the form of fines. Pay them, Celtic, and keep their fans away until things change over there. Bring clarity to this situation.

Celtic regard Ibrox as unsafe environment.

Furthermore, it is now obvious that there are no security arrangements that our own club can make, short of something draconian, that will make the fixture at Celtic Park any safer.

There is going to be constant chaos as these matches and it will last as long as the ticket allocations for each club are so small.

It would be better to have no away fans at these matches at all than the paltry number who are currently allowed. The governing bodies could step in and guarantee a certain number of away fans – a minimum ten percent allocation per ground for example – and that would do it … they choose not to.

They choose to continue pretending this isn’t their problem.

It’s not great getting into hypothetical scenarios about what people should do when those who are meant to govern deliberately decide not to, because that leads us down all kinds of rabbit holes, but eventually someone has to step up and take a lead.

We are the biggest club in the country. Who better than us?

So we ought to start with telling Ibrox that pending reforms there will be no tickets for their club at Celtic Park, and that we will refuse an away ticket allocation to their ground, based on safety concerns which are wholly legitimate in light of the weekend.

Beyond that we need to push for a regulation like the one I talked about above; a ten percent guaranteed allocation for fans at games. If the clubs pass it then it’s done, if they accept it then it’s a rule and nobody can slither around it as Ibrox has tried to do.

That’s where we should take this thing, and damn anyone who stands in our way.

Celtic fans appear to want this. It is now up to the club to deliver it.

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  • Pan says:

    There should be no punishment for banning them. That would be a decision based on safety, which the police would back. The reason these idiots cause all the trouble they do is because the authorities never call them out and punish them.

    Those in power, the SFA, the SPFL and the Scottish Parliament (this includes ALL Parties) never deal with the bully in the room. They are all responsible for that club and their fans’ shameful racist and bigoted behaviour and the associated violence, because they do not punish it properly and call it out.

  • Stuart Murdoch says:

    All very well saying 10% allocation for away fans, but as we have the larger stadium, that would give the Ibrox horde a larger presence at CP, and I don’t think that is a good idea.

  • Christopher Parkes says:

    Agreed, ban them and refuse away tickets, the whole thing is properly toxic now. Having saw at 1st had the missiles thrown at ibrox and watched the videos from Sunday, someone will end up hospitalised soon. As a slight aside, as well as banning them, I’d break up and ban The Bhoys (even their name is a joke). Most of the bullshit IRA singing and the missiles thrown back stem from them. Moving them right next to any away fans is beyond explanation

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Tell them to fuck off, if you give them more its more to cause trouble and sing there bile, and fuck the SFA as well . When will the celtic board grow a spine, how can they sit back and watch and listen as these hun cunts and all the orange rags say and write what they want snd they just accept it, tottaly embarrasing.HH

  • Frankie says:

    They said they could not safely keep Chris Sutton safe as a commentator one of Celtic back room staff injured, glass in the goalmouth sfa/spfl what a shower of gutless cowards their board the most shameful liars ever.

  • SSMPM says:

    Stuart you’ve got a good point about the 10% allocation. 5,000 or 6,000 away fans attending games right now in the current climate is no better an idea than the 700 or so, possibly increasing the capacity for a bit more violence from a few more thugs or more hospitalisation, though I get the sentiment. Ban them

  • Starman says:

    These Hun Bastards are NOT FITBAW FANS they’re wee Fukin NEDS or Aulder Fukin NEDS that have & NEVER WILL GROW UP! The ONLY way tae sort this SCUM oot is tae wade in wae batons & Fukin LEATHER them but that’ll NEVER happen! Let the Knuckodraggin FILTH party aw day & ngt in their ANE SHIT-HOLE knocking Fuk oot each other lol! Eventually thru time they’ll disappear & NOT ONE PERSON OF SANITY WILL MISS THEM BAWAHAHAHAHAHA?!!

  • Bob (original) says:

    Well the support seems to be clear about the reasonable way forward.

    So, the Board will probably do hee haw about those opinions as per?

    I’m still amazed that the Board did not go absolutely mental after the Ibrox game – publicly – about the broken glass in the goal mouth and a member of staff needing stitches – as well as the abuse/projectiles aimed at the CFC support.

  • Johnny Green says:

    If Celtic do nothing about this, then seriously, what can we do? Talking about it will get us nowhere as long as our board continues to ignore the situation. We all know that they will continue to do do fk all, so where do we go from here? Boycotts, demos, protests etc are all counterproductive to team spirit, harmony and success in my opinion. We are toothless unless the board actually listen to us, just how do we make them listen? I don’t have the answers.

  • Wee Jimmy says:

    ban them permanently, no more huns in paradise

    • Tommy Kennedy says:

      I will never hold my breath waiting for our board to take action as they only see the money signs and I would replace them in a heartbeat with people who care about us the real fans

  • John S says:

    The Ibrox club caused this problem. If there are rules about ticket allocations then we should be aware why this was/wasn’t applied in the first instance.

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