The Daily Record’s “Logic” On Calvin Bassey’s Aston Villa “Link” Is Weak And Pathetic.

Image for The Daily Record’s “Logic” On Calvin Bassey’s Aston Villa “Link” Is Weak And Pathetic.

The Daily Record has published one of its mind-bending articles tonight, on the “pursuit” of Calvin Bassey. Or rather, the non-pursuit of Calvin Bassey. It really is quite something to read, particularly as it steals half of the piece from another outlet’s work.

The Athletic has become a bit of a know-all publication when it comes to sport.

Indeed, it has an excellent group of writers and genuine contacts with the game.

It is no surprise to see The Record stealing extensively from one of their pieces … what is surprising is that The Record seems to want to expand that article to say things that aren’t there.

“Calvin Bassey and the Rangers transfer clue hiding in plain sight as Steven Gerrard’s intentions made clear” is the headline, and it’s the words “hiding in plain sight” which should give you an inkling of how dire The Record piece is going to be.

Because right away, it suggests that you should not take the Athletic piece at face value but that you should be reading between the lines. Except that article is straightforward. There are no “clues” in there but one gigantic piece of information that contradicts the media’s narrative of the last few days and which Ibrox fans more or less swallowed whole.

The Athletic piece says that Gerrard has two defensive targets in mind, and that he is pursuing both with great vigour. Neither of them is Calvin Bassey. This is a surprise only to anyone operating without the full use of their brain capacity.

“In-demand Calvin Bassey is not credited in The Athletic’s report which states Steven Gerrard has held internal talks about putting together a defence with which to be reckoned,” the Record article said.

Notice the words “in demand” although a big part of that claim has just fallen out from under their feet.

Not that The Record intends to take that seriously.

So where is the “transfer clue hiding in plain sight”?

Well, The Record thinks there is significance in Gerrard chasing central defenders.

The Record seems to think that the significance of this is that they don’t mention whether or not he wants a left back.

“Bassey has thrived centrally in both a three and four at the back, but his rampaging style makes him an obvious candidate to challenge left-back Lucas Digne for game time.”

So the writer of this guff – Graeme Young – with nothing to go on whatsoever, has added his own amendment to The Athletic piece which suggests that there might be something in their not mentioning Bassey in it at all.

“Villa’s interest in the former Leicester defender is likely separate from the pursuit of Carlos and Tarkowski, who both operate solely as central defenders,” he writes, although there is nothing whatsoever in the piece, or anywhere else, to substantiate such a view.

He goes on to end this atrocious piece with yet another fictional twist.

“Gerrard is a major fan of the player he brought to Glasgow for a nominal fee from the Foxes but is acutely aware it will take a record sale to prise him away from Ibrox … the latest update in Gerrard’s intentions likely add rather than detract the value of a player who grabbed everyone’s attention in the Europa League and Scottish Cup Finals.”

That is absolute fantasy land writing.

That Gerrard is not known to be interested in him adds to his value rather than detracts from it?

That is an incredible leap of logic.

In fact, I’d say it’s more than that. I’d say that it’s desperate reaching.

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  • harold shand says:

    If their rolling in the dough after the Euro run

    How come they’re hawking this boy to everyone

    If he’s so good , surely makes more sense to keep him to help get into the CL

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