The Media Asks The Celtic Boss The Jota Question Because They Know He Can’t Answer It.

Image for The Media Asks The Celtic Boss The Jota Question Because They Know He Can’t Answer It.

One of the press corps nastiest and naughtiest tricks was brought to the fore again today against the Celtic boss; they asked him about the Jota deal. They asked Jota the same question.

Believe me, if these guys thought there was a chance of that question being answered in a definitive way right now they would stop asking it.

The only reason they are asking it is they know that Ange can’t answer it.

This is a well trodden path for the press, who want nothing more than to be able to keep a story live as long as they can. A definite answer one way or the other means there’s no story to be had.

They could – if they had an ounce of the skill of their predecessors – do proper journalism and try to find out how things look on the deal … but they are used to being spoon-fed their stories and they aren’t going to suddenly develop a work ethic now.

So they ask questions which they know nobody can definitely answer whilst negations are ongoing and that gives them a whole slew of new stories about how the deal is in doubt, or that Ange has issued ultimatums or whatever it might be.

The thing that annoys you about this is that these people must know Ange was asked this question yesterday.

Yesterday. So what could possibly have changed in 24 hours that was worth their asking again?

Nothing did, and they know nothing did.

The question was either an attempt to generate news when they knew there was none or something more, a bit of mischief making.

Either way, you can tell that the manager wasn’t impressed.

When there is something to know we’ll know … until then, the media is just playing games. And they know it.

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  • MarkE says:

    Looking at Anges reaction/body language/facial expressions from his post match interview with the club today when they mentioned Jota, i wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t sign him

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