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Main Events in the Celtic History Every Fan Should Know

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The Celtic Football Club still remains the monumental pride and joy of Scottish football. Based in Glasgow, they have become the national treasure of the country itself. Outside of the country, it is often associated with the Glasgow Celtic, not to confuse them with the Celtic culture.

Aiming for this FC is an excellent goal for trying to start a football career in Scotland with the prospect of reaching the English Premier League. Of course,  It is not just about a career as a football star, you can also realise other experiences in coaching, physical rehabilitation and management. You can use job sites such as Jooble to find excellent recommendations and openings in the training grounds. Learn all about the successful accomplishments of this Celtic FC as inspiration for your future stardom.

How They Began

Celtic FC was founded officially in 1887. Its primary goal wasn’t centred around being the best football team. It was all about helping out the poor, as the country was helping many Irish immigrants after their hardships. The first official charity raised money for the Poor Children’s Dinner Table. The name itself originates from Irish lore, with the word “Celtic” used to describe many facets of their own culture. They were initially known as The Bhoys but quickly turned to The Bold Boys’ name. This was thanks to the Celtic Press Office and their advertisements.

The First Match

The Bold Boys did not have their first official match until the 28th of May, 1888. They were up against a team known as the Rangers, another famous FC club in Scotland. It was this match where they finally grew themselves into a formidable team. The player Neil McCallum was the one who scored the first goal for the team. They have also now developed their iconic look for the season. Green socks are emerald, with black shorts and a green collar surrounding a white shirt. Their first kit would soon change once their FC continued to grow onward.

The First Cup

Celtic FC competed in many different tournaments before winning their first cup. In 1889, they competed for the first time and almost reached the final of the Scottish Cup. They, unfortunately, lost to the Third Lanark in a match of 2-1. The second time they entered was in 1892 when they emerged the victors against the Queen’s Park. The score was an overwhelming 5-1. This gained them their first major Honour and new training grounds since they finally moved to a Celtic Park.

The Triple Treble

One of their most significant accomplishments as a team was winning their first Treble in 1967. This is when a team wins in the Scottish Cup, the League Cup, and the regular League tournament. Accomplishing all three earns them the medal of Treble to represent their domination in the field. In this same year, they won their first European Cup title. Such an accomplishment sparked many more to come.

If you want to know more about Celtic FC, you can always find their history written online. You may even visit the FC grounds yourself at Celtic Park. See them in action and show them your support for many future endeavours.

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