Celtic Fan Video Season Review Puts The BBC’s Puny Effort To Shame.

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Last night, I had the pleasure of spending nearly half an hour with a Celtic fan made review of the season. The video does what the BBC’s version couldn’t do. It does justice to the campaign, and to the genius of the manager himself.

Not only does it have every goal we scored during the league and cups, but it contains numerous clips of the manager firing back at the media; something that I believe deserves to be highlighted over and over again. He had their number.

The highs and the lows were all included on that video.

The early defeats, and the manager’s response to them. The great run.

What I found fascinating was that in the games where we dropped points at the midpoint of the campaign, it was clear that we were the better team. The Dundee Utd game at Parkhead, where we dropped points at home, was one of those days when it just seemed that nothing we did went in … three times we hit the woodwork.

I thought it gave a fantastic overview of everything … it beat the BBC effort by miles, just because Ange was in there and the guy who put it together intercut the victories by what he was saying. What’s important to note is that the boss was so confident and relaxed right from the start. He knew we would hit our stride and make them eat their words.

The guy who put this video together, RonnieJ67, deserves immense credit for putting this together. It is 23.28 minutes long, and if that seems a lot for some of you I recommend that you shake that concern off and watch this. It is pure pleasure.

Sky are due to put their own show on, on Friday night.

This fan-made effort has whipped the one the national broadcaster made. The satellite company will have to go some if they are going to even come close to this. It is that good. It is brilliant.

You can watch it below the Slapping Sevco Quiz below.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

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    Thanks James for the heads up on that video on YT; stoatir is the word I’m looking for.
    Wonder what the window will bring us? Please keep us all informed and thanks for the articles.
    Awraverybest HH

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