Daily Record Tries To Spook Celtic Fans With Sensationalist Starfelt Injury Story.

Image for Daily Record Tries To Spook Celtic Fans With Sensationalist Starfelt Injury Story.

The Daily Record. You have to hand it to these muppets.

They can turn any Celtic drama into a crisis. At least on paper.

The reality is always a little bit different, of course.

Last night, Carl Starfelt – a player, let’s not forget, that they have spent the entire season slating in one way or another – got injured on international duty for Sweden.

Reading the reports, I admit freely to being concerned. He was carried off.

They say it’s a hamstring injury, and that means it’s one of the two more severe ones, the Grade 2 or the Grade 3.

The worry is that it’s a Grade 3, which rules him out for three months.

But when the Argentine striker Sergio Aguero was carried off playing for his country with a hamstring back in 2015, he was back in training a month later.

That timeframe is important here.

The Record would have you believe that Celtic are now sweating. Mark Pirie, one of their dire online writers, actually went as far as to say that pre-season is “just around the corner.”

What utter pish that is.

Pre-season isn’t for another four weeks … unless he’s got the very worst possible hamstring problem he’ll be fit for it.

And we have no European qualifiers to play, which means that competitive football isn’t for seven to eight weeks. That means he’ll be ready for the start of the season, in all but a total disaster.

Even if he’s not, I’d bet on us being able to cope.

Nobody at Celtic will be “sweating”.

There are options, and one of them is so obvious that I’ll discuss it later in more detail.

Save to say that the guy who should focus on doing a bit of sweating is Christopher Jullien, who may just have been handed the chance he’s been squealing on the side-lines for. If he works hard in training.

If he improves his attitude and makes up with the manager.

One thing we’re not going to do is panic over this.

Even at the absolute worst, the guy will be fit for the start of September, and would miss a handful of games.

We have a squad which can cope with that even if we don’t make signings, and we know that at least one central defender is being looked at by the manager and the scouting team.

The Record, as usual, is trying to spook us.

I feel about as concerned as a cat does looking at a mouse.

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  • SSMPM says:

    If any Celtic fans still read that trash and believe a word that comes out of its sectarian bias reporting then they’re gullible enough to deserve spooking. More fool them.
    As if having to bail out the deid club out of our taxes wasn’t bad enough then paying for a paper that’s a pro rangers/anti Celtic propaganda machine is a really sad reflection on our fickle so called supporters

  • harold shand says:

    In between sitting in his maws back bedroom watching reruns of the Europa final in tears Mark trawls Twitter looking for Celtic stories to put a negative slant on .

    I hope that rag goes bust and these weasels have to go back to flipping burgers and delivering pizzas

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