So The Ibrox Club Has A “Limited Transfer Budget.” What A Surprise, Right?

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Did you guys see the latest story in The Athletic? The one about how Van Bronckhorst is operating with a “limited transfer budget”? Sevconia is up in arms, as usual. But that is their standard reaction to hearing an uncomfortable truth.

Some things never change, right folks?

The only thing about the report that I can say surprised me somewhat – somewhat – is that it said Ibrox has the budget for one decent signing but that any more than that will require them to sell, sell, sell. If they are able to.

I doubt they have the money for the one, which is why there is a desperate tone to their efforts to get the English left back off their books. (More on that later folks, because this is the farce that simply will not quit at the moment). You’ll notice the first tentative efforts this morning to get Aribo’s name out there, right?

Coming on the heels of these reports that is no coincidence, of course.

They are dying to get even a sniff of interest in these guys; indeed, their whole summer is, in my view, one big charade against their own fans. The claims that there is plenty of money in the kitty are as fake as a football top from a market stall.

They made good coin from the European run (seven wins, twenty-ones games) but how much of that was swallowed up paying back those who kept on the lights last season, as well as Mr Ashley we’ll not know until they finally publish accounts and even then we won’t get half of the picture because they’re not obliged to offer a detailed breakdown.

They need a major sale so that they can spend … without it I wonder if they’ll even have the piss far less the pot to put it in. Their fans refuse to believe that, of course, which is why their websites are filled with fantasy-land nonsense about their signing some Colombian striker playing in Russia for a whopping £8.5 million … they are bonkers.

They apparently haven’t been able to put 2 and 2 together to make 4; why do they think the club is resigning the old warriors? Because they are planning a substantial rebuild? Hell no. That’s so they don’t have to do one, so they can add a couple of cheap options and still sell the most gullible fans on the planet on the idea that they’ve strengthened the side.

The nonsense never ends with them, and even when the story originates in one of the most respected sports papers in the country they will not believe it because it runs counter to their belief system. Amazingly, it is those of us outside their club who (whether they believe this or not) look at it objectively, who called it right once again.

And I repeat; we possess no magical powers or secret arcane knowledge that is extremely hard to come by. If you’ve ever done a jigsaw you’ll know how to put pieces together to form a picture and if you’ve ever added up a shopping list you can do the basic math required to recognise when the numbers do not add up.

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  • Jimmy says:

    Who is the English left back?

  • Johnny Green says:

    2 in a row was going to be a penalty kick anyway, the financial state of them just cements that outcome. We now just need a good European campaign to augment our domestic superiority and to produce yet another great season,

    • Dora says:

      Agreed Johnny, especially when the old firm footy klub resembles ‘ the old yokes home ‘..!!

  • Dave Ramshaw says:

    Read yet another Daily Huncord article saying they must cash in on Morelos this window and ‘do a Celtic’ by adding a 10-25% sell on clause into the deal.

    They can’t sell the fat failure anyway as no team is interested in him so there’s a fat chance of getting any mug club to agree that.

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