There Seems To Be A Hell Of A Lot Happening On The Celtic Transfer Front.

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As I thought, this is shaping up to be one Hell of a week for transfer business at the club.

Forget about any high profile exit, that’s not going to happen.

Instead we’re going to get some signings over the line and add some strength to this squad.

First up, we’ve seen a minor outgoing; Liam Scales has joined Aberdeen for the coming season. That’s a good move for both clubs and for the player. He’ll either grow into the job or he’ll sink without a trace. I think he’s going to grow.

When I said the other day that I thought this would be an interesting week, I reckoned that we would move quickly. I didn’t think we might be on the brink of Jota, Siegrist and both our defensive midfielder and our new left back.

Tonight reports from all over the place suggest that four deals might be done in the next few days, giving the manager three new footballers for the start of pre-season training.

The net spend will not be extreme either; that means there’s plenty left for later.

Ange wants most of this done for the start of the pre-season training.

If we’re going to buy a couple more players before the window shuts, all well and good.

But the manager wants those three key signings – goalkeeper, left back and defensive midfield – sorted quick, so that he can join these guys up with the squad.

It is all coming together, and this is weeks and maybe even months of hard work at our club behind the scenes. This is pre-planning – for the first time in years – coming to the fore.

As Phil said the other day, this is not a Lawwell Production anymore, certainly not a Peter Lawwell one anyway. For the first time in a while at our club, the football people are running the football operation and that’s why this week is going to be so good.

It’s getting exciting now folks.

With so many deals on the brink, all of us are standing by for the first bits of good news.

They are coming now, and coming up fast.

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  • Seppington says:

    Happy to be proved wrong here but the Vinicius lad seems like it won’t happen. I’m sure Ange has an even-better O’Riley-like alternative up his sleeve.

    Hurry up with the Jota though FFS….this is gettin’ pretty tedious noo…

  • jrm63 says:

    Goodwin says Scales will play as a left centre back. It will be interesting to see him there. It is clearly the position he is best suited to.

  • john clarke says:

    How are Celtic going to convert corners and set plays?.
    Looks like more practice.
    There’s not a tall, athletic, fearless “Noddy” of the ball in the team.
    Any more news about the two Argentinian under 23s. One a good head butter and the other a reckless tackler?

  • john clarke says:

    I got that wrong. Cameron C-V, Carl, Anthony and Osaze are excellent in the air and so they should be, as defenders. Cameron C-V does move forward for corners. Ange will know the Furphy Brothers aphorism; ‘Good, Better, Best; never let it rest; until your good is better and your better’s best’. I hope Ange and John Kennedy can improve the team results from set plays. Many fans have mentioned this deficiency.

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