Calvin Bassey’s Disastrous 15 Minute Cameo And The Dangers Of Spending On Hype.

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Calvin Bassey made his debut for Ajax tonight.

They were drawing 2-2 in the Dutch Super Cup.

By the time he left the field – 15 minutes later – it was 4-2 to PSV.

He wasn’t hooked, which would have been bad enough for whoever sanctioned that spending on him. He was sent off.

Never happened in Scotland, you’ll note, in spite of opportunities aplenty.

You don’t get much worse debuts than that.

I haven’t seen a minute of it, but their collapse suggests that the substitution played at least a part in the defeat.

His subsequent red carding is the mark of a immaturity – the sort, perhaps, that saw him fined by the Ibrox club for breaching COVID regulations, which you never hear about anymore.

Honestly, the hysteria that surrounded this guy all summer long … I could not believe that any club was going to fall for it, and then along came Ajax with their chequebook.

They freely admit that they bought him based on “potential.”

The decision is truly honking.

A club’s reputation, in terms of selling players, depends on those players being at least modestly successful. Bassey, far from helping the Ibrox club into a brave new world, is going to be part of what tarnishes that rep.

And for Ajax, their manager must already have a sinking feeling.

It is one of the largest fees their club has ever paid for a footballer. When you spend that sort of money you have to be sure.

Ha! We were all sure, that’s a fact.

And we still are.

It is, in short, the kind of signing that gets managers sacked.

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  • Starman says:


    • Roonsa says:

      Wise words, mate. LOLZ!

      Look, they got their money for the player and it was excellent business for them. Let it go.

      Are we going to be seeing articles giving detail on every poor peformance fromt this guy? Who cares? He’s gone.

      I really don’t know what the problem is supposed to be. You seem to think he was overpriced. Others disagree. And unfortunately for people who want to see the huns die again, the opinions of others (i.e. those in charge of the budget at Ajax) are the opinions that matter.

      And so what if he had a shit debut? So did Henrink for us. And we were all laughing at Eddie Howe’s really bad start as manager of Newcastle. That didn’t last too long did it?

  • Starman says:

    That’s the £50M sell on fee Fuked then BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Big Shirley will end up taking Knuckodraggaz visiting Amsterdam doon the Canal lol!!

  • Nick66 says:

    James, Sevco played a blinder with Shirley. They got the message out there, well done to them. Thing is our “Player trading model” is well established, there’s is it’s infancy. Little boy blue, a toffee now out on loan, Aribo?, Who knows. Sevco want to copy our “model”, they have made a couple of good sales and most other clubs will watch how they develop. In short, Celtic have a good reputation in the market, Sevco are just starting, and, it’s worth noting, 2 out of 3 are bad, so far. Other clubs will see what Sevco punt and watch they’re progres. The fact is there will be more scrutiny on Scottish based players now, based on Sevco’s media hyped sales pitch and the failure of they’re dreck to perform outwith the SPL.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I for one am interested in how he is getting on at Ajax as I was astounded at just how much Ajax had originally paid for him, He was not a stand out player by any means, he did have a few stand out games, but he also has some equally bad ones, in fact many of them, to say he flattered to deceive is putting it mildly. Ajax, I had always thought were an astute team in the European transfer market, but by forking out mega money for Bassey they have blown that thought right out of the window. Sevco played a blinder raking in 19M for him but after his disastrous start the 4.2M add-ons might never come to fruition. Unfortunately, I doubt if Ajax will come shopping in the SPL mini market again, once bitten twice shy,

  • SSMPM says:

    Don’t really care to much about how Shirley’s going to do over the period, he’s gone and away from my world now and that lot are regardless of our views, cock a hoop with their income from it.
    Today I’m looking at what we produce from our investment and I hope we least continue with our swarming swamping style over our opponents. Whether that changes in the CL well that’s for another day but today the usual intensity should produce a top of the league performance and result. I’d settle for winning by at least 2 goals to be top on goal difference but realistically and taking into account our recent offensive successes and defensive failings it will probably be nearer 6-2. C’mon the Hoops

  • Celticanne says:

    So the great man does what he always did and got away with it here in the land where gers players were allowed to do without harm without any punishment by there biggest supporters the guy in the middle along with his 2 slde kicks running the line is what we call the 3 monkeys hear, see, speak nothing, so the superstar theif words not mine lasted a whole 14 mins wow wow what a start for a dud who ever in ajaxs transfers team must be going god what have I done cost the club a shite load of cash for a donkey, you would think ajax would have looked past the big 4 games that he had a good not great game and seen the true worth of this guy a half of a £million at best and he helped his team get humped 4=2 that is a shame for ajax, gers money men were seen rubbing their hands when they sold this guy all the way to the bank will we ever hear this players name now no why cos he is crap, just another wee note livi on Saturday got a great goal chalked off it would have been a 2=2 draw but the 3 monkeys again 1st game back are at it again helping them to win I would love outside officials would check the the monkeys work and print the result of their performance that would wake up the Sfa ect to get it right because whatever the checks if any is not working but I am going on, so well Bassey

  • Hans says:

    Based on your argument, we’d never sell another player for decent money after Eddie’s underwhelming performance at Palace ?

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