Celtic’s New Alleged “Target” Is Young And Talented And So Fits The Profile Perfectly.

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If the story which is doing the rounds on Sky is true – that we’re about to bid £2 million for some PSG youth prodigy, a 19-year-old attacking midfielder – then that’s hardly a surprise.

He graduates from a prestigious academy we’ve bought from before.

He plays across the top of the midfield. He will be part of an already formidable attacking line-up.

It all sounds like the sort of business that we do.

Whilst he’s not very experienced this is the difference between us and the club across the city; a £2 million signing is a punt on potential, and one that we can comfortably and easily afford.

I don’t know much about this kid at all, but our club is very careful these days about the business that it does and he’s not that much younger than Abada was when we signed him last season. His pedigree is such that he would not be signing as a project; indeed, the reason he wants to leave Paris is that he wants a clearer path to regular games.

It’s a situation we have faced with our own young talent at times.

According to Anthony Joseph, this deal is at the “advanced” stage. That’s decent. That’s good to hear. If we get this deal done that leaves our defensive midfielder amongst the “definite” players to be coming in and one other; which position will it be?

Talk continues to buzz of a striker.

Whilst this kid isn’t a striker, he’s another player in the advanced area and that might mean that we’re looking, instead, at a defensive player. I’d hope that was the case because although I do see the need to have another centre forward – as opposed to Maeda who definitely seems to be a wide man – I think we need defensive cover more … although that might not happen whilst Jullien is still at Parkhead.

In the meantime, the kid’s name is Edouard Michut; one to watch.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Michut wants to leave PSG because he wants to play football in every game that his Club is involved in and so he should, in fact every football player should want that, it is the reason that they are footballers, they love playing our great game.

    However, unless he is a tried and tested defensive midfielder, which he is not, then he does not really fit the bill, for who is he going to replace in our present midfield? Who would Ange sacrifice in order to play this guy? If we play three up front, for instance Abada, Kiogo and Jota, then we have three midfield places available for McGregor, Turnbull. O’Riley, Hatate and others, for we have a surplus of midfielders. So, who drops out the team to make way for Michut?

    He cannot really be guaranteed a place in the team right now unless he wants to join the queue for a midfield place and take his chance to prove that he’s better than what we’ve already got. Will he be prepared to join us under those circumstances, that’s the question?

  • Christopher Parkes says:

    Whilst knowing nothing about the boy I’m both encouraged and discouraged. Encouraged by his apparent profile and the fact that PSG fans are unhappy at the idea of him leaving. Discouraged by how quick he was to agitate for a move the second he didn’t get what he wanted then defied an instruction of a meeting from his manager. Hooe he’s not a trouble maker. We’ve been defined last season by the closeness of the entire squad

  • SSMPM says:

    We’ve just lost 3 midfielders, 4 if you want to generously include Boli, so we most definitely do have space and its a 1st team squad you need when you’re a CL team. For example, Turnbull waited his chance and got in and is rotated. I’m a firm believer that nobody is guaranteed a first team start every game so why not.
    When you’re a CL team and challenging domestically for every trophy and expect to play in every game then chances are you’re an injured player.

  • John Clarke says:

    All comments better than Scottish MSM. My comment may not be. I have asked the question; why can’t Jullien play Central Defensive Midfield (CDM) when he believes he can. Before CC-V and Christopher’s horrendous injury, his defensive stats were outstanding. Ange uses midfield players in CDM who are very good attackers and barely good enough defenders. As a Central Back John Kennedy knows the coaching needs of CDM players.
    I suspect Fans have turned on Jullien, because of his perceived casual, calm, considered approach with the ball. I could not find his stats on intercepts. His way doesn’t seem congruent with the sometimes frenetic Angeball style of play. If John Kennedy and Declan Rice could give the team a clinic on playing as CDM the whole team would benefit. Keep this clinic a secret.

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