For God’s Sake Joe Hart, Stay In Your Penalty Area

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What in God’s name is Joe Hart doing at the moment? He and Jullien and their complete lack of concentration cost us a goal against Rapid. Tonight, early in the game, a slack pass from Jota saw Hart caught cold … almost at the halfway line.

That was shocking. We very nearly conceded from it. If he does that at any point in a Champions League Group Stage game he will certainly not get away with it the way he did tonight. With Celtic playing a high line that is suicidal stuff. Even if the opposition don’t feel that they can take a shot at the target I would not fancy him to win a race to get back against top class players.

Honestly, the moment i saw how high he was playing I feared that we would suffer for it. We almost did. On top of that, he was stood stock still for the opener. It has not been a great start to pre-season for him, and he needs to be on his toes because in Siegrist we have proper competition for him and based on the way he’s meandering around it will be a good reminder that he doesn’t just get to walk into this team.

More than that though, he ought to stay in his own area. Bad enough to do this crazy stuff in a pre-season match. He dare not do it when the chips are down.

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  • Anthony Mcquade says:


  • Martin says:

    Tinkering, trying things. Almost as if that’s what pre season is for. I’d rather we learned now that it doesn’t work than in October.

  • Johnny Green says:

    He’s far too cocky and complacent at times, an accident waiting to happen

  • Henry says:

    It is a serious weakness in his game

  • Charlie Dee says:

    It is very disrespectful to the opposition no matter who they are it must surely get their back up and rile them to take him on at that silly ploy he has adopted.

  • PartickBhoy says:

    I agree completely with your comments on Joe. in too many games he has shown a moment of madness. I hate to see him with ball at his feet dithering around and in a number of cases almost losing it to an opposition player.

    • Charlie Kelly says:

      I could not agree more Hart is a complete Bombscare at cross balls and his distribution leaves a lot to be desired,
      My heart is in my mouth nearly every time a
      ball is passed back to him or he loses concentration when passing ball around area, Personally I would be very happy to see Seigrist
      get a chance in goal

  • John S says:

    Siegrist signed for a reason, both ways.

  • Neil Smith says:

    You lot honestly think he does such of his own violation??? Manager encourages such … He’d be hooked otherwise… This has worked wonders last season or has all here somehow forgot last season??? Remember how high up he came… like a sweeper really …

  • john henry says:

    James how do we get access to your comments section, I would be interested in reading other fans viewpoints ?

  • Duncan says:

    I was more concerned about the slack passing in front of him (McGregor and Jota especially early on) and the fact Juranovic got caught out so many times the wrong side of the ball in dangerous areas.
    I thought we looked much better as a side after the first raft of changes and looked so much more threatening.
    Do t understand why Kyogo starts off in an offside position so many times before the ball is played up to him because VAR will be his worst enemy if it continues.
    Tidy finishes by both O’Riley (Tam who?) and Giakoumakis and the work rate of Maeda and Abada very noticeable.
    On Hart was left wondering if he collected Bittons wage for that game he was so far up the Park.

  • James Thomas says:

    Joe you will need to learn to rethink about running ???? out of your goals too often

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