Kris Boyd’s Celtic “Prediction” Is Hilariously Stupid And Of Course Contradictory.

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I said I wasn’t going to do this, but sometimes you can’t help it. Sometimes you have to speak about something even when you had no intention of doing it, and so I find myself here today writing about Kris Boyd talking more of his idiotic drivel.

You ever sat at a meeting or in a pub listening to someone at the next table talk, heard the words that are coming out of their mouth and been unable to just sit there and keep quiet? The outpouring of garbage, of nonsense, of sophomoric thinking, of illogical logic … it pushes you beyond the snapping point and you have no option but to stop them in their tracks.

We’ve all had that impulse. Some people are better at controlling it. As you can tell, I’m unfortunately not one of those people, and so reading Boyd’s comments today even knowing how bad our media is it’s a marvel no-one picked them apart.

Or maybe not, eah?

Anyway, his prediction that Ibrox will win the title is not in the least bit surprising.

Had they lost every key player and “strengthened” with lower league signings you get the impression he’d have said the exact same thing. Almost all of the predictions I’ve read so far have been in light with the personal biases of the hacks responsible and the Village Idiot here was not going to against the grain. Not a chance in Hell.

But it is his attempt at defending his decision which is preposterous and makes it clear that he’s basing it on personal bias instead of any rational process of thinking it through. He thinks that Celtic will struggle to meet the “balancing act” of the demands of Champions League football and a domestic campaign.

It’s as if certain realities haven’t dawned on him at all.

First off, we have no qualifiers in that competition to play whereas the side from Iborx has to play four even if it wants to join us in the draw. And say they make it? Aren’t they facing the same “balancing act” of fixtures in that tournament that we are, only four more games on top of them? Why will playing in that tournament affect us and not them?

He claims that the Champions League is a different standard than the Europa League.

All well and good and true and factual, but what does the standard of opposition have to do with the demands of playing games? You play 90 minutes either way, so wouldn’t the “balancing” of a domestic and European campaign be the same no matter what competition you were in? And since that’s true, how come the “balancing” didn’t seem to affect their club’s form that much towards the end of last season, when most of us thought they’d be dropping like flies?

Honestly, this is a stone stupid line of reasoning, especially as their squad played more games than we did in Europe last season and wasn’t affected by said “balancing act” and we managed to put together a long unbeaten domestic run – even winning the League Cup – amidst a murderous series of qualifying games (six, in all) and then Group stages?

I long ago stopped expecting this guy to make any kind of sense, but this is drivel even by his own pitiful standards. It is not an argument in favour of his stated view. It is a window into his tiny brain and the whirring of the wheels, which might as well be working a mill churning out cheese for all the relationship any of his comments have to reality.

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  • Frankie says:

    The guy can’t even string a simple sentence together and one of his thug comments about he was surprised that no one tested the mask that our captain had to wear for games what a thing to ask never mind think about he should never let it be forgot best signing since the wife beater the guy that missed the penalty ,can’t mind his name this guy is a complete arse.

  • John Copeland says:

    Anyone else hear the rumour that Spanx are about to make Boyd a global ambassador for their brand? XXX superlarge sizes i would think!

    • Martin H. says:

      Tuesday and Wednesday football easier to handle than Thursday football, that’s why it wasn’t a bit disappointed exiting the Europa league.

  • Tony B says:

    Morons may be entitled to their opinions but they’re still morons and their opinions are consequently moronic and wide open for mockery.

    Boyd is the the morons’ moron who failed the I.Q. test for Tarbolton village idiot.

  • Starman says:

    Urm eh em Urm eh mm erm um Ranjerks fur me!! FAT Fukin Hun Bastard, Thik as Fuk!!

  • Dora says:

    Remember all his rambling horseshit last season, like all sevco supporters-he thought sevco were champs b4 Christmas!
    Who can ever forget his expression on screen when Celtic thumped everyone to win prob the most impressive title in quite some time.
    Here he goes again with his usual, predictable tripe..

    • Starman says:

      He’s just a Fat Wanker wae a coupon u’d NEVER get TIRED AE SKELPIN BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • SSMPM says:

    Get him out of your head James, that’s no place for him to reside particularly when you know he has no objective cell in his brain.
    I know you say you’ve got to read, see or hear these comments to analyse and feed-back and I get that but … he and his hatred should live in the midden with the fat bellied orange bigots from where he first crawled.
    Sadly we should expect more of the same bigging up from pretty much all of their ex players in the press, radio and TV but we are Celtic, we have our own brains, a great team squad and a record breaking season to look forward too. C’mon a Hoops

    • Starman says:

      Well said m8, have u EVER seen ANY ae the Knuckodraggaz wae a replica Mehmet shirt less than size 5XL BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Johnny Green says:

    Kris Boyd has an IQ of two….and it takes three to grunt.

  • Damian says:

    Sorry, what is his prediction? That Rangers will win the league? That, in and of itself, is what is being debated in this article. Clearly Boyd is an openly pro-Rangers pundit, but predicting that a side that finished four points off top spot last season will win the league this season, is hardly an eccentric prediction.

  • Michael says:

    What a prick

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