Celtic Must Price Their Champions League Package With The Cost Of Living Crisis In Mind.

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As a club, Celtic might have been founded on charitable foundations but we’re a business first and foremost now, and a business that does very well. This is very likely to be an exceptional year in terms of turnover and profitability.

The Champions League is going to net us a small fortune.

When those games come around, fans will clamour to buy the ticket packages no matter who we’re up against.

Those nights are special at Celtic. Full houses are just about guaranteed.

We are a club which does have a charitable ethos at its core.

And sometimes charity begins at home.

Those Champions League games are going to come slap bang in the midst of the worst rise in energy prices that this generation has ever seen. It is going to be quite literally devastating to many families and households. Celtic cannot change that.

But this club can help mitigate the suffering of its own fans by not charging them premium rates for tickets whilst this crisis is ongoing. We can charge £120 for that three ticket package. We should be pitching it at £75.

This could cost us as much as £3 million.

A lot of fans will still consider £75 high … the club itself may see it as far too low.

But a pricing strategy like this will be a huge help to many fans.

As far as I’m concerned, in a £100 million turnover year – and this will be that regardless – they can afford to give back to the supporters that relatively modest sum, simply by keeping it real with the price of those tickets.

Our footballers do not have to worry about the cost of living.

Our directors perhaps have even less to be concerned about on that score.

But to our fans, this would be a show of support and solidarity. It would be a great gesture.

Knowing our board, they will not care.

Instead of pricing those tickets at £25 each, they are more likely to price them closer to £50, meaning that instead of keeping it real they would think only of the bank balance.

At most times that would merely be frustrating.

To do so now would be obscene.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Cannot agree with you on this, £75 for 3 tickets to witness some of the best footballers in Europe? is way too cheap, £90 minimum and even with that the club are still taking a hit.

    Tickets elsewhere will be £50-£150 FOR EACH GAME for stadia entry.

  • MarkE says:

    The club can probably charge what they want for CL tickets as supporters are going to pay for these games regardless.

    Would be a nice touch to sell them cheap, but the clubs ran as a business and will likely seek to make as much as they can from these high profile matches.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I can’t see the cheap tickets happening, not when it is the first time for along time the Club have the opportunity to boost our coffers with this event. I do hope though that they can keep it reasonable in these trying times.

  • Sean Melinn says:

    Im an season ticker holder without a ticket for Newco games. They have charged me £53.50 for this game. Last year, I complained to both the ticket office and JP, who forwarded my original email again to the ticket office. Neither complaint was worthy of even a response. I think your idea is admiral, but also delusional.

  • Charlinick says:

    For our season ticket holder in the huns end to get a ticket for the huns game is £52, our board WILL FUCK US OVER with the three games package, it’s what tories do

  • John Copeland says:

    I’ve always maintained that if you have a winning team on the park, the business side takes care of itself! When we are winning ,there will be organisations and sponsors wanting to give money to success. When you lose, nobody wants to know you!

  • Nick66 says:

    The same supporters will get the tickets regardless whether they’re £10 or £100. If they can buy at a tenner whoopydo, at fifty to seventy five fair enough. Celtic will make their target income anyway.

  • Chris Brown says:

    They can’t charge at £25 if a league match ticket is 26-£29

  • Chris says:

    I can’t set the board making the 3 match package any less than £120

  • John says:

    Simple answer is if you think its robbery don’t buy it

  • Michael Gallagher says:

    I think sevco are charging £28 for Union Bhoys game ano we are different but if you want decent players I think £30 £35 is a fair n reason price

  • Aidan says:

    If they do charge premier prices Seamus I’m finished given the obscene wages players are in comparison and for those grey people who constitute as custodians of the principles of Glasgow Celtic I would rest my case in advance of reality

  • Johnny Green says:

    Celtic v St Johnstone or Celtic v Barcelona and a price hike accordingly. Even if I could not afford it, I would beg, steal or borrow to get there.

  • Woodyiom says:

    It doesn’t make sense for the club not to charge premium rates for the CL games – its the premium competition!! However, given the majority of supporters will be season ticket holders (who have already forked out between £500 and £700) I think the club should incentivise those STH by confirming they will get a discount (say 10% ?) on next years season ticket as a thank you. That way the club gets the cash flows in now but gives something back to those loyal fans in arguably the hardest time in 50 years (and they are going to get worse before they get better).

  • Johnny Green says:

    And all I’m trying to put across, without any political notions involved, is that for every Celtic fan the Champions League games are a must see.

  • Paul Sweeney says:

    £100 + without a doubt. Agree with your sentiments don’t think those who run the business care that much about the average paying punters only those who can and will cough up! I’m under no illusion that people who go every home game will be giving their seat to some better off friend or neighbour

  • Brian.Clark says:

    As a good will jesture to the fans who paid for season tickets through the covid pandemic and did not see a game .Celtic should charge the fans a maximum of £30 a ticket

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