John Kennedy Has Shown Astonishing Commitment To Celtic. It May Be Time To Go.

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If you had told me even twelve months ago that I would be writing an article about John Kennedy possibly leaving this club, and that I would be writing it with regret and in this tone, I would have flatly refused to believe it.

This time last year I wanted him gone.

It seemed like it was just a matter of time until Ange sussed this guy out and got rid.

Well, it turns out that Ange was a far better judge of Kennedy – and people inside Celtic were a far better judge of Kennedy – than many of us, amongst his critics, realised. Because this guy has very clearly been a vital cog in the manager’s big wheel. His departure, if it comes, would be a source of regret for everyone in the Celtic operation.

And I never thought I would say that.

Where I’ve been consistent is in saying that in my view John Kennedy will have to leave Celtic if he harbours grand ambitions of being a manager one day.

It will not happen for him here unless or until he has been elsewhere and proved that he can do the job.

Celtic has shown tremendous loyalty to Kennedy, but we must acknowledge that Kennedy has shown immense loyalty to Celtic.

He has had chances to go off and become a coach and even a manager elsewhere before now; if the offer from abroad comes it will only be one of many offers that this man has had over the years.

And so far he has turned them all down, to stay at the club where he played and which has repaid his service with a place at the heart of our operation.

So now I’m genuinely torn, because whereas once I’d have been glad to see him go I will now feel a pang of regret and even concern that Ange’s right hand is no longer with him.

But Ange’s working methods are such that I suspect he’ll hardly miss a step … for all that, breaking up a winning team is never the smart thing to do if you can help it.

For all that, I feel that if the approach comes that Celtic must not stand in the man’s way. He has given everything to this club over the years and we owe him the chance to chart his own course.

He has repaid every faith in him that we had, and this might well be his time to shine on a stage of his own.

If it is, every one of us should will him well.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Agree with you James. John Kennedy has served Celtic well and for me needs to prove himself elsewhere. If he can get the right experience with added success then the door may open up for him back at Celtic, either way he should head of and give it a try. Like you James I would’ve been happy to see him go with Neil Lennon, but now see him as important to us, however, I still think that a move away is the correct decision should he take it.

  • Benjamin says:

    Kennedy has been a great servant of the club his entire life. Celtic – the board, the CEO, the manager, the fans, EVERYONE – should back him if he wants to land the top job elsewhere. He’s earned that loyalty and support many times over. Whatever misgivings people have about his ability to be a manager at a giant club like Celtic need to be put in the proper context. Picking up the pieces after Lennon left was an impossible and thankless task – a squad full of players with one foot out the door and a board/executive team with no vision or planning for Lennon’s eventual departure. Likewise whatever his failings as an assistant, it must be remembered that he has little to no say on squad selection and the overarching tactics are chosen by Kennedy’s boss, not himself. He just gets on with the job and does whatever is asked of him, and it’s telling that nobody inside the club that actually works with the guy has ever said a bad word about him (unlike several of his previous bosses).

    Whatever his ambition is – whether it’s to become a manager / head coach, or to stay at Celtic his entire career, he should be supported by both the club and fans alike. There are very few servants of the club who have done as much as he has with as little fanfare and plaudits as he’s received. It’s time that finally changed.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I agree with the comments regarding JK’s loyalty etc and I just hope he can keep that all going for at least one more season. I do not want any blips or changes in our attitude and our system going into this season which is so very important to all of us, Nothing is broken, no fixes are necessary, so let’s try to keep it that way for the time being. JK will be looking forward to the Champiion’s League just as much as any of us and I hope he can delay his future ambitions to fulfil the present one.

  • Jimmy R says:

    Kennedy has always been the easy scapegoat at Celtic Park, just as Taylor was unjustifiably the whipping boy last year and, even more so, the previous season. It seems that if you come into Celtic Park from another Scottish club then, just as the club are considered a “diddy club” you must be a diddy player. whereas if you come from England or abroad you are a class act. Despite the evidence of Duffy & Musonda some people are reluctant to learn.
    You are correct that if Kennedy harbours ambitions to be the boss at Celtic park he will have to leave to prove his credentials elsewhere. Until he decides that is what he wants, he should be made to feel welcome and his achievements celebrated by all of us.

    • Johnny Green says:

      We have had a lot of players coming in from a lot of Countries and they have been failures, not just the two you hand picked to suit your argument. David Turnbull on the other hand, despite coming from Motherwell, is thriving and well respected by all Celtic fans. Any players we have gotten in the past from other Scottish clubs have always bee judged on their ability alone, and not on their past clubs. Diddy club = diddy player…turn it up!

      You just made that up.

  • Effarr says:

    Meanwhile: they are still clueless at set pieces. It`s wonder he didn`t manage to keep Lennon in a job.

    Was he not in charge for a wee while after Lennon left.

    Loyal because he didn`t pack a brilliant job in voluntarily? To be honest, I`ll be gobsmacked if he gets offered any management job.

    • Johnny Green says:

      Ange once described JK as a fantastic ally, so he must be doing something right. As long as his insider knowledge of the club and Scottish football in general is still a help to Ange, then I hope he stays.

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