Celtic Victims Again Of UEFA’s Inconsistency And Blatant Hypocrisy.

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Leave politics at the door, eah? So much for that.

Last night at Ibrox, not only was politics not left at the door but it was wholeheartedly embraced by club and fans alike. UEFA explicitly told them not to play the anthem.

They ignored that and did it anyway. And the club will not be disciplined for it.

Celtic, on the other hand, will face a sanction because our fans had a provocative “political” banner. You could not make this up. It is laughably ridiculous.

There is zero difference between the full-stand tifo which their club did last night and the banners which the Celtic fans took to Warsaw. None whatsoever. They honoured a divisive head of state, and even played a political song in flagrant violation of an edict … but we’re the bad guys for protesting about the self-same office.

Celtic should be asking them what the difference is, and tell them where to stick their fine.

Whatever they levy at us, The Green Brigade could raise ten times the amount if they were so inclined, all of it from people who view the monarchy as a bad joke.

It reeks of utter hypocrisy but also cowardice. Because, of course, the pro-Ukrainian stuff that was allowed in Warsaw last night is overtly political. The ban on Russian teams is overtly political. UEFA’s stance on racism is overly political.

UEFA has bowed to British clubs over these issues and that too is overtly political.

Their stance has been exposed as a fraud and held up to ridicule over and over again, and they persist with it although everyone knows that it is manifestly ridiculous.

All they’ve done is confirm what we have long known; UEFA shuns politics only when it suits them.

Honestly, this is a lamentable decision and utterly without credibility.

Their caving in over Ibrox’s little stunt also makes them look weak.

Their effort to bully us into submission only enhances that impression; it’s the act of an organisation which has been shown up and made to look ridiculous, lashing out where they can.

It is pathetic.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I am 70 years of age, I’ve been about for a long time, I am old school and I have been a Celtic supporter for every one of those years. My mantra is that I love my team unreservedly and I hate THEM with a passion, there are no in betweens with me, there are no grey areas. Love versus Hate is cast in stone. I wasn’t brought up that way though, not at all, but as I grew up my intense dislike evolved accordingly as I experienced the hatred and bitterness from the other side, particularly in the workplace, and I quickly became a mirror image of the peepul I had learned to detest. As a young man working in an engineering background I had to adapt very quickly to a hostile working environment, it was either a case of ingnoring the barbs and vitriol, turning the other cheek, or getting right back in their faces to show no fear and I learned very quickly to be an in your face kind of a guy, then and ever since that has not changed, there has been no respite, show no weakness.

    I do disagree with a lot of the Greem Brigade capers, but I cannot get away from the fact that at their age I would have probably been doing exactly the same as them. Bhoys will be bhoys and I cannot accept over the top criticism of them from the nicey, nicey snowflake ensemble. Our own board over the years have also been too nicey, nicey to the Ibrox hordes while the Sons of Satan have gotten away with murder. Everything the GB do is exaggerated by the media and it hurts more when our own support buy into their propoganda and slag off our own fans. They are no choir boys, but compared to that evil mob from Govan they are saints. Cut them a bit of slack FFS and stop encouraging our enemies.

  • Roonsa says:

    It’s very simple. Don’t have banners that have the word FUCK on them. FUCK UEFA? FUCK THE CROWN? Is that all you can say? The Michael Fagan one was pretty stupid an aw.

    If any of the guys responsible for the banner wording are reading this, let somebody with a brain and a decent vocabulary think up what you want to say.

    Unless the Green Brigade were using the Queen’s death to grab more attention seeking headlines? No!!! The Green Brigade? Surely not!!!

  • Fun time frankie says:

    Yes Denby I totally agree with you my biggest problem is dickheads like yourself ya tosser

  • Tam says:

    The green brigade should NOT use bad words on their banners. But the people who are offended by it here in Scotland/Britain but accept buying rope to hang the Pope and up to their knees in someone else’s faith’s blood…. And justify it by saying that’s “culture” they should give the green brigade the same… it’s just “culture” but don’t swear Bhoys and ghirls

  • John S says:

    If continued, political views will eventually divide the Celtic support on some issue or other. Leave such things to those who all sup their poison from the same well.
    Traditionally, at most grounds, the Saturday afternoon fitba’ match was an escape from such nonsense.

  • Gael says:

    Celtic minded people have cause to oppose a racist-imperialist monarchy. They must be saying something right when mediocre figures like Piers Morgan, Farage, and Jeremy Kyle, take umbrage with the Green Brigade. None of these individuals ever raised their ugly heads about anti Irish/Catholice hatred in Scotland. Everybody knows why…it’s pretty obvious.

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