Celtic Victims Again Of UEFA’s Inconsistency And Blatant Hypocrisy.

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Leave politics at the door, eah? So much for that.

Last night at Ibrox, not only was politics not left at the door but it was wholeheartedly embraced by club and fans alike. UEFA explicitly told them not to play the anthem.

They ignored that and did it anyway. And the club will not be disciplined for it.

Celtic, on the other hand, will face a sanction because our fans had a provocative “political” banner. You could not make this up. It is laughably ridiculous.

There is zero difference between the full-stand tifo which their club did last night and the banners which the Celtic fans took to Warsaw. None whatsoever. They honoured a divisive head of state, and even played a political song in flagrant violation of an edict … but we’re the bad guys for protesting about the self-same office.

Celtic should be asking them what the difference is, and tell them where to stick their fine.

Whatever they levy at us, The Green Brigade could raise ten times the amount if they were so inclined, all of it from people who view the monarchy as a bad joke.

It reeks of utter hypocrisy but also cowardice. Because, of course, the pro-Ukrainian stuff that was allowed in Warsaw last night is overtly political. The ban on Russian teams is overtly political. UEFA’s stance on racism is overly political.

UEFA has bowed to British clubs over these issues and that too is overtly political.

Their stance has been exposed as a fraud and held up to ridicule over and over again, and they persist with it although everyone knows that it is manifestly ridiculous.

All they’ve done is confirm what we have long known; UEFA shuns politics only when it suits them.

Honestly, this is a lamentable decision and utterly without credibility.

Their caving in over Ibrox’s little stunt also makes them look weak.

Their effort to bully us into submission only enhances that impression; it’s the act of an organisation which has been shown up and made to look ridiculous, lashing out where they can.

It is pathetic.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Their reaction will only make the Celtic fans more determined too rebel against their draconian unbalanced measures. I don’t foresee a minute’s silence on Sunday lasting more than a few noisy seconds and I support anyone voicing their dissatisfaction in Paisley.

    Fk them all, the long and the short and the tall…..

  • Eddie says:

    James forget the Huns. We have a small minority who continue to embarrass both the club and the decent fans. Concentrate on supporting the team and less on abusive banners

    • Jim says:

      I totally agree. We are getting a terrible reputation because of theses dissidents within our support. They embarrass the club everytime we play in Europe, and last week a child was injured because they insist on using pyrotechnics.
      I’m really pissed off with them.

    • Don Cowie says:

      Absolutely no need for those banners at football matches. Watch the game, cheer on the team and STOP getting the club fined. The home game against Real Madrid, the club asked fans not to light flares. What did they do, light bloody flares. If they love the club so much, why do they let it down so often.

  • Martin H. says:

    Only a matter of time, before the fines become a ban, the banner was disgusting, and the question has to be asked, how the green brigade, get so many tickets for away games.

  • kingmurdy says:

    absolute hypocritical bastards…..
    i won’t be at paisley on saturday….if i was…i’d be booing – AS IS MY RIGHT !!!!

    • Johnny Green says:

      A full hearted rendition of the Soldiers Song would be better, as National anthems seem to be in vogue just now.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Uefa seem to be taking a political position themselves when deciding who gets punished and who doesn’t. As far as the banners that some Celtic fans unfurled I think it was foolish to do this when we know that feelings are running high. As a Republican in Scotland I would hope that the Green Brigade follow the route that Sinn Fein have taken in Ireland and make a statement declaring their Republican beliefs but accepting that some people feel differently from them.
    I would hope that on Sunday at St Mirren Park they decide to have a minutes applause rather than silence. If they have the silence then it is certain that Celtic will be in the headlines once again as around 50% of the fans will disrupt it. The hypocrites in the Scottish Media will love that.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    We slag off the goons and orcs from ipox ,but sometimes our fans let themselves down,what was the point of that banner,not all Celtic fans agree with this sentiment,forget about UEFA hypocrites ,our fans never learn , UEFA are going to hit us harder at some point than mere fines.Yes it’s disgusting that Sevco got away with their defiance of UEFA ,but that doesn’t change the fact that once again we have got ourselves in the spotlight for the wrong reasons,it’s especially sad after the fantastic effort the team put into that match last night.

  • S Thomas says:

    I blame the parents I really do lol. Celtic shouldn’t pay this fine, not Celtic the club who were at fault here. They should have had banners regarding potentially the cost of living crisis, and how the working man and his family are struggling, to keep things afloat, rather than they stupid banners they had up. The green brigade have fitted the bull before, so many that could be a way forward, who knows. A real shame that this has taken the shine off the players after last nights very good performance really.

  • John says:

    James, as much as I agree to your comments, Celtic are a global brand and yes we want to get our message out to the world. However there are times we need to look at alternatives which gets tge same message without embarrassing the club. Booing at St mirren will sow us up in a bad light. Boycotting the stadium fir the first minute has more of an impact than acting stupidly in front of cameras. The script has been written. Do not play into their hands

  • Frankie says:

    Will Eufa do anything about the vile sevco fans having a go at some of the Napoli players warming down, the proof is there it’s on camera, the police were involved, and also the stewards as usual not a thing will happen.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The GB’s banner protest would only take the shine off last night’s Celtic performance if you were an easily offended snowflake. So less of the melodrama and just appreciate the efforts of our team. Who cares what UEFA think and who cares about the mock outrage from the British unionists over in Govan. All you are doing with our own fans criticism is encouraging the Spawn of Satan who belted out the famine song last night.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Maybe if they had the minerals to resist the urge in circumstances like this, they wouldn’t be consistently bringing negative publicity and putting the club into disrepute.
    If these people really did have Celtic FC at heart they would cease this type of behaviour and stop tarring the whole support with the same brush. I am no royalist but totally sick to the stomach of the GB’s self importance.
    Time to put the club and fans first and not your own need for notoriety and self indulgence, and they claim their better than the fans across the city?? Over 50 years a supporter and never been so disillusioned.

  • Brian says:

    And that folks is why we should have pursued resolution 12, because the sfa and uefa turned a blind eye to the chests here in Scotland, but that was also down to our very own corrupt board.

  • Mark B says:

    I’m no Royalist I am Republican. I believe in free speach. I respect others views … I respect those who wish to mourn the passing of the Queen. I never met her so no idea about her as a person but I respect her passing as I do anyone passing. I do not respect the office or the title of the Queen and found the mass TV coverage etc over the top. But those banners were a disgrace. Show some compassion and respect for others views and for timing. Some of our fans are an utter disgrace and embarrass us everywhere we go. Stop the IRA chants stop the anti Protestant/Orange/Pro catholic stuff and support our team. Stop the inappropriate singing and banners it’s a distraction and a disgrace. And one way to drive the likes of Ange and supporters and sponsors away from our club. It’s sad and spoiled a terrific performance and night for the team. Again!

    • Jim says:

      Well said Mark B.

    • Up the Republic says:

      We’ve got english players like Joe Hart who must wonder what he’s got into up here. Are we going to attract top players and sponsors here if they think we’re worse that the pond life at ibrox? Even the two leaders of Sinn Fein have shown respect to the wee 96 year old wumman. If it’s good enough for them it should be good enough for our republican support. Plenty of time to protest about the monarchy. But not this Weekend

    • Andy says:

      Spot o n Mark.
      Sadly it won’t change.

  • John says:

    Totally agree with you MarkB. couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • John says:

    The thing is, the media have missed the point completely, did it say fuck the queen? I am pretty objective to old firm squabbles, as a lifelong Celtic fan it’s a bit stone age, but I took it as let’s get rid of the whole system, it’s outdated. Why hang on to external nonsense that historically were systems of control, that didn’t really care for the person on the street. Tradition I get but on both sides there’s a lot that just distracts from the football.

  • S Thomas says:

    Amen to that Mark B, people saying that it’s only banners etc, well Lazio fans only had banners as well, swatzikas etc, and that’s political also, but it’s offensive to a lot of people, so they were rightfully heavily sanctioned by UEFA. Like a said previously if you want to protest, speak about people at food banks, the cost of living, the rich getting richer, which I would be behind like most people. Green brigade need to understand there is consequences to there actions.

  • Gd says:

    Ffs mate, embrace this for what it is. I’ve never been prouder of our collective support than I am today. We have put our stamp on history, as the only free thinking anti establishment support in Brit willing to stand up and show any serious disdain for the pantomime forced upon us.

  • Kevin says:

    James I think its absolutely ridiculous that UEFA are going to discipline our club over a banner and I think that we as fans should mount a fight back coz we all know our board will just suck it up and pay the fine. 20 odd years ago Galatasary were in serious bother with UEFA regarding their game with MAN U where MAN U players were assaulted on the pitch by Galatasary fans and what the Galatasary fans did was continually phone UEFA office all day and every day until they crashed their phone system and UEFA eventually gave up on it and dropped the action they were going to take now as you are well aware James we have a worldwide fan base and if we were to mount a similar campaign I reckon UEFA arse would collapse so what I’m suggesting is that you put it out on Celtic blogosphere that we mount a similar campaign

  • Johnny Green says:

    I thought that the dead club and it’s zombie fans paying respect to their dead queen by singing God save her successor was quite a poignant moment. Thereafter followed Rule Brittania, I was born under a union jack and the banned Famine song which is actually a criminal offence..

    However, wave a few cheeky flags, not a criminal offence, and you are lambasted by all and sundry, including your own fans.

    Shame on all of you snowflakes, you are the embarrassment.

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Exactly Johnny! Pathetic some these cowards on here, they enable that poison of ibrox to continue their hate, by ” putting the head down”! Cowards!

  • Johnny Green says:

    I am 70 years of age, I’ve been about for a long time, I am old school and I have been a Celtic supporter for every one of those years. My mantra is that I love my team unreservedly and I hate THEM with a passion, there are no in betweens with me, there are no grey areas. Love versus Hate is cast in stone. I wasn’t brought up that way though, not at all, but as I grew up my intense dislike evolved accordingly as I experienced the hatred and bitterness from the other side, particularly in the workplace, and I quickly became a mirror image of the peepul I had learned to detest. As a young man working in an engineering background I had to adapt very quickly to a hostile working environment, it was either a case of ingnoring the barbs and vitriol, turning the other cheek, or getting right back in their faces to show no fear and I learned very quickly to be an in your face kind of a guy, then and ever since that has not changed, there has been no respite, show no weakness.

    I do disagree with a lot of the Greem Brigade capers, but I cannot get away from the fact that at their age I would have probably been doing exactly the same as them. Bhoys will be bhoys and I cannot accept over the top criticism of them from the nicey, nicey snowflake ensemble. Our own board over the years have also been too nicey, nicey to the Ibrox hordes while the Sons of Satan have gotten away with murder. Everything the GB do is exaggerated by the media and it hurts more when our own support buy into their propoganda and slag off our own fans. They are no choir boys, but compared to that evil mob from Govan they are saints. Cut them a bit of slack FFS and stop encouraging our enemies.

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