Celtic’s Champions League “Tribute” Means We’ve Done Our Bit And Should Do No More.

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The news that Celtic will pay tribute to the Queen tomorrow night in Warsaw is fine as far as it goes. There will be a silence. There will be black armbands. The players and the club will have done what is required of them by convention and precedent.

As far as I’m concerned, that ought to be it for us.

Having paid tribute tomorrow night there’s no need for us to engage in any sort of display at the weekend. St Mirren can find something of their own to do, but Celtic should be kept well out of it.

We had to do multiple tributes for the Queen Mother.

Why? Isn’t one enough these days?

I’ve seen us have to do two separate goes of all the Remembrance cobblers as well in recent years. Our club should draw a line here and say that if we’re going to be forced to comply with these rituals that we won’t be bounced into anything more.

We’re playing in Warsaw against a team from Ukraine.

Their country is actively at war and their club will not be insisting on any maudlin nonsense prior to kick off.

It is ridiculous that UEFA has mandated this garbage … whatever happened to leaving politics at the door, eah? An enforced silence for the death of a head of state is overtly political whatever way you dress it up, and all it does is reveal them to be rank hypocrites.

But we’ll do it. We’ll proceed with this little farce, this little comedy, this little action which because it’s mandatory defeats the whole purpose and the concept of a “respectful” tribute.

Or rather the two teams will. I’m not sure the fans will play ball.

Even if they don’t, the club itself will have taken the necessary steps to comply with UEFA’s directive and whoever it was who insisted on this ought to be well satisfied.

That should free us up from any obligation to repeat the exercise in Paisley.

Most people I know can’t stomach having to go through this charade once.

Why in God’s name should we agree to go through it more times than that?

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  • Johnny Green says:

    With the exalted way that the public were adoring and revering the woman, I thought a resurrection was imminent,

  • JPD says:

    We wont observe it, we will wrongly be condemned and we simply should not care about that either. Being born wherever does not give you the right to “Rule” over me or mine. I hope we protest in a clever way to get our message across to a wider audience than the lily white defenders of “The Faith” who have already written their pieces on this before it even happens

  • Stevie c says:

    Unfortunately we will be subjected to at least a minutes silence in paisley such is the ‘grieving’ that the country is experiencing at the moment.

  • Bob (original) says:

    IF the Celtic support in Poland was to fly Royal Standard flags,

    would UEFA fine the club?! 🙁

    The SFA / UEFA / FIFA should just stick to trying to organise footy games and developing the sport – and ignore everything else.

  • Dando says:

    The rancid SMSM will have their long winded articles pre-prepared ready to go first thing…

    How funny would it be…. the greatest fans in Europe stay silent for the minute, they are F**ked then… waist of their whole weekend work !!!


    • Seppington says:

      I’ve thought of that – the Ukranians (and Polish locals who are supporting Shakhtar as well) will likely not observe the silence but the travelling Tims will get the blame in the ever-so-unbiased SMSM…

    • Mike d says:

      Wonder how they felt about liverpool fans booing the minutes silence that was cut to 30 seconds last night. ??

  • SSMPM says:

    The Ukrainians are having a love-in with Boris and the british gov aren’t they? So I suspect they’ll start with silence. How we react might set them off.

  • Geoff says:

    ffs smell the coffee
    The baseball bats with nails are ready for Sunday
    We cannot win

  • Denis Donnnell says:

    I do not mind in the slightest the club paying respect to the death of the queen, after all she was someones mother and someones grandmother after all. I am however concerned with this forced narrative that we should all be brittish subjects and therfore be sad. Politics in football has been a no no in uefa’s competitions for years with fines handed out to numerous clubs. The recent events in Ukraine and now this nonsense has shown this up as hypocrisy. I sure we as well as others will be reimbursed after fines for other political statements made in the past by the fans. Or maybe as per the fans don’t matter as we are only subjects of the tes we follow and by governing bodies by default

  • john clarke says:

    Do not wear black armbands. A minute silence should suffice.
    Physically and mentally the Japanese will not feel IKAGAI and shizen no naka de no
    barance. Strappers wrap the armband too tight. Players can have restricted blood flow.
    They can feel unbalanced. That is my hypothesis. I have observed many football games where teams are about equal and the team wearing the armband invariably loses. My opinion is not based on any scientific measurements and analysis. If forced to wear black armbands, wear them for the first half. I have worn a black armband playing rugby and felt
    unconfortable. Has anyone felt the same?

  • John S says:

    I can see no legitimate reason for any political displays at football.

    • Roonsa says:

      By disrpecting the minute’s silence against St Mirren, which will inevitably happen, isn’t that itself getting involved? I’d rather the fans showed apathy. Just chat among themselves whilst others doff their caps. But, like it or not, Celtic and the fans are very much part of this pointless display of respect.

  • Peterbrady says:

    And no doubt all the staunch media will be all over it spewing there poison at annfeild last night it was interrupted and cut short but swept under the carpet

  • Katana67 says:

    By Jings….!!

    john clarke:

    “Do not wear black armbands….it will unbalance our Japanese players Zen Energy Flow….!!”

    Well, wear a black armband on each arm , the one on the right for John Hughes….
    Sorted !!


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