Rodgers Reputed Payoff Package Is Why He Left Celtic For England.

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This morning I read with open-mouthed amazement that Brendan Rodgers expects to walk away from Leicester with £18 million if they sack him. What an extraordinary number that is. It seems that the higher you rise in this life the greater the reward is for failure.

All of us have been sacked at one time or another. Most of us didn’t get one last lunch in the cafeteria let alone a gigantic last pay-packet. It is crazy to think that a club like Leicester, which this summer couldn’t sign players, is going to reward this guy – who has spent a fortune as their manager and is part of why they’re in financial trouble – like that.

But this is the reason he went to England in the first place. This is why he couldn’t wait to get back there. We can talk all we like about the spotlight and how much he loves being the centre of attention, but in all honesty he was getting that in Scotland like he was never going to get it at a club which has limited horizons and ambitions.

He probably did believe Leicester was a springboard to a top five club. That dream lies in ashes along with their hopes of hiring a game-changing boss who would propel them forwards. Sitting rock bottom of the EPL does not suggest that it worked.

But in the end Rodgers wanted a move to England for the same reason that most of the players who go there do. They can kid themselves and the fans by talking it up as “the best league in the world” but what they really mean, of course, is the richest.

Every player who ever left us for that league has framed it in terms of ambition. Ryan Christie is so sensitive to the idea that he left us for Bournemouth for something other than huge wages that he constantly bangs on about how he’s living the dream; I daresay he is, but his days of winning trophies and titles are most definitely over.

Rodgers trotted out the same. He left Celtic because we couldn’t go that extra mile to compete with the giants of Europe so he went to a team in a league full of super-clubs where competing was … realistic? It’s a joke and it’s always been a joke.

He went because Brendan has gotten very fond of money and the high life and he knew that he could go to England, treble his wages and at the end of it walk away in the event of failure loaded down with more wealth than most of us can imagine.

That’s what failure looks like to the likes of him.

Yeah, his reputation as a manager will be damaged if their club ultimately fires him … but £18 million for essentially getting most of everything wrong … well that’ll ease the pain somewhat I’m sure.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol he will take the pay off and jump into the championship get whatever team he ends up at promoted,job done CV back up to scratch and a middle ranked EPL will take him with so called ambitions,probably the Littlewoods Pools specialist’s Newcastle,as they ain’t going to continue to accept draws every other week when they don’t get a win.

  • Scud Missile says:

    £18 million bangers that’s a lot of sunbeds he would be cheaper with spray FAKE tan to go with his image.

    • Seppington says:

      Don’t forget he has to buy his Colgate in bulk, Scud…that £18 million won’t go far….

      • Scud Missile says:

        Lol goes to the same dentist as BENNY Boyd..

      • Mick says:

        5th, 5th, 8th, an FA Cup,£80m for Maguire and a net spend of barely £20m, yeah mate he’s flopped badly at Leicester.

        He may have left under a cloud, but don’t pretend he hasn’t been a success at Leicester, and on the cheap too. Their financial difficulties stem from the owners, not the club.

  • Johnny Green says:

    And yet we are convinced that Ange would turn down an opportunity like that?

  • Mark b says:

    Would any of us turn it down? I think to be honest in any job except one I would take the money. But that one exception is this….If I played for or managed Celtic I would stay as long as I was needed. For true fans playing for or managing Celtic and getting. Few million over a career is enough. It’s why I was saddest when Tierney left. Eventually he will regret it as well.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Rodgers is an egomaniac. Where players/managers are concerned tho, ye would need tae be fortunate enough tae be in the position of a professional footballer/manager, tae see how your mind would work. Ah agree loyalty is far from it was decades ago, tho ah can understand, why players/managers with potential would want tae experience bigger leagues and tae test theirselves. Of course money’s a huge lure and especially if your a player, who wouldn’t want future security in a position where your career could end in a heartbeat with one tackle or injury. Although there’s greed involved unfortunately in some cases as well, ah dont beleive it’s in every case.

  • kingmurdy says:

    we all knew he was gonna leave to go back to EPL….as soon as he was announced as new head coach…surely we all knew he was just treading water…until the EPL came knocking…anyone who thought otherwise was a naive fool….i enjoyed his first season with us – we all did….was no surprise he left…just disgusting way he done it.
    of course he was after the money…they all are….I WOULD BE….WE ALL WOULD BE…
    it’s what makes the fukn world go around-as the song goes…
    you think memories of cup wins are gonna keep you warm on cold winter nights ?…
    most of the players in our squad will jump if big money comes their way – as will Ange…
    it will hurt….but life and Celtic fc will continue….

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Yep ange will go in a heartbeat sadly having lived in Sydney I can tell you Aussies are ” epl” ( only people that use that term is Aussies!)Sychophants! He be off tomorrow if right offer came. I just hope I live to see us out this landscape of self proclaimed ” diddy teams and away from that poison in govan! That’s my dream always has been

  • Kevin McGrandles says:

    It’s romantic to say I’d play for my team for nothing when KT done it everyone backed him when anyone else does it they’re being greedy or have no ambition

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Yep tierney was a badge kisser! No different from dicanios of this world. In fact actually worse as he painted it like he was real deal but he wasnt , calmac, jamesy were and are! They could easily double their money down there all you need is a decent agent , as they certainly proved that had the cv and ability so no argument here and have never saw one bit of his career since leaving and not interested in the lad he left end of!

  • Al says:

    Still think his ego would have saw him stay to do the 10, and we would have done it had he stayed. Lawwell didnt like a strong and demanding manager and they clashed. Neither wanted to make the move to end it initially but clearly Rodgers then did. Now my theory..Lennon has been tipped off that the job would be his and engineered his own departure. That’s why Celtic didnt sack him as the ten crumbled..he had too much info on how it had all unfolded

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      That wee fraud lennon was promised he get back by lawell even Rodgers when our manager talked up the idea of it! Disgrace lennon ever managed our club and sums lawell up to be honest, pathetic he was ever given Celtic job once but twice! Unforgivable! Rodgers showed what should been happening for years!! Say what you want about him but he set the standards of what should be achieved ! Lennon blew so many big games in Scotland! Total piss head amateur

  • Dave Ramshaw says:

    He’ll join the gravy train ridden for years by Mark Hughes, Fat Sam, Redknap, Cabbage Head Bruce etc being rewarded grossly inflated sums for being shite at their job and getting sacked every couple of years.

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