Boyd Talks About Ibrox “Hanging On (To Celtic) Until The World Cup”. But Then What?

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The Village Idiot has popped out of his Wendy House today to offer succour and comfort to the Ibrox faithful. All they have to do, he says, is hang onto Celtic’s coat tails until after the World Cup.

Apparently, he believes that something major will happen then.

“It’s thin lines at this moment in time. I think because of the way (the Ibrox club) have been playing, they will probably be saying to themselves, ‘Let’s hang on in there and get to the World Cup.’”

But what exactly is it he expects to see happen after that?

We have to go to Ibrox. Is he pinning his hopes on that? Because we went there and won last season, and if the gap remains what it is right now when we roll into town this time around a lot of people are going to call the league race if we win.

He talks about Celtic having a better squad “at this moment in time”; perhaps he’s pinning his hopes on a big January transfer splurge. With Monopoly money I presume.

Anyway, I can already tell him how that’s going to go. They will, by then, be talking about who is coming back from long-term injury and that will be the ready-made excuse for them not spending big sums of money on reinforcements.

There’s another question that naturally arises, of course; what’s the manager’s future? Because they have a mammoth rebuild to do in the summer whatever else might come to pass, and they need to be thinking about what resources they might need if that also involves bringing in a replacement for him and his all Dutch backroom team.

There are no easy answers to their problems over there. Boyd, like many others, is in denial about that. He is not alone, of course, but sooner or later cold reality will steal over that whole club and they are going to find out how limited their range of options really are.

Celtic’s squad is missing a couple of key players as well right now, and they too will be back in January. Boyd at least accepts that our squad is way ahead of theirs, even if nobody asks him if he still thinks the best player in the country is Alfredo Morelos.

The real question, of course, is about whether they have until after the World Cup anyway. They may only be four points behind, but that’s because of our incomprehensible result in Paisley, without which this gap would already be as large as the holes in his theory.

There is a general sense over there – and their fans know it – of a club starting to unravel, a sense that things are slipping beyond the point where they can be recovered without a momentous clear-out of the whole upper echelon.

But if only they can “hang on” to Celtic until January, everything will be alright, eah?

We don’t call this guy the Village Idiot for nothing you know.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I tell you what they are pinning their hopes on. Kyle Fox. Mega $$$$$$ and signing 2 top end EPL quality players for each position. Managed, of course, by Michael Beale who, now that Stevie G is officially shit, was the mastermind behind their 10IAR stopping season.

    It doesn’t take too much to fathom the mentality of the hun. There aint that much to fathom as we all should know by now.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Don’t you realise that if Tom Lawrence had been fit then the Sons of Satan would be top of the league right now, When he returns from injury we are doomed and Boydy knows this only too well. we really better make hay while the sun shines.

  • Tony B says:

    Pishful thinkiing and bollocks. In the unlikely event they manage to hang on, Celtic will improve the squad and they won’t.

    If everything were hunky dory they would have publshed their accounts, but it looks like they have fuck all money to spend and will have to unload players where they can and getting rid of Giofanny will cost them big time.

    They are fucked and everyone knows it.

    Celtic to win the league comfortably.

  • Thomas adams says:

    I hate boyd with a passion James ,but I think he was talking about the 11 man injury list and not spending money ,still not released accounts yet ,halloween, frightening

  • Peterbrady says:

    Sunak is a well known Yorkshire zombie and will assist sevco along with kKc3 don’t you know they arra the people ha ha

  • Peter says:

    If you put all the village idiots of the world in one village, Chris Boyd would be it’s village idiot.

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