Celtic Fans Will Not Really Know Jota’s Injury Status Until Tomorrow Night.

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The media is salivating over Ange’s latest injury update; Jota, who Sky reported didn’t train with the team today, is indeed a doubt for the fixture tomorrow. The manager was pretty coy in dealing with the issue, but he kept one flame of hope flickering.

Jota will be properly analysed tomorrow, and then we’ll know whether he plays or not. Until then it’s not really worth speculating over. The manager will make his determination shortly before kick-off.

Even without him in the squad, we have the wherewithal to cope.

Obviously you would never want such a critical player to be on the side-lines but in spite of what some of our hacks believe this is what we have squad depth for.

We will be at home, in front of that electrifying Parkhead crowd, and we’re still capable of getting the win.

For myself, I would prefer Jota didn’t play if there’s even the slightest doubt about him.

What we could not afford was to play him half-fit and risk a longer term injury. This match is important – of course it is – but it’s not critical to our season and risking a top talent for it simply isn’t worth it.

If he’s not going to be 100% I would prefer he didn’t take part.

But ultimately, Ange is going to decide that and we should all wait to see what he comes up with, even if the decision is one that a lot of people are disappointed by.

He is the man paid to make these crucial calls and I don’t doubt he’ll get it right.

For 24 hours though, the press gets to write another “Celtic injury crisis” story.

What’s new? We seem to suffer these things more than most clubs, but the manager was well aware of that and it’s why he brought in so many players during the summer.

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  • Roonsa says:

    The fact he was taken off at HT on Saturday, when the game was far from being in the bag, tells me all I need to know. There is next to no chance of Jota being in the squad for the Leipzig game.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    The fact he was brought off at half-time tells me he’ll start tomorrow. No phannying about with The Boss. HH

  • Bhoy4life says:

    The Newco penalty at the weekend and our injury list sums up perfectly the 2 sides of refereeing in Scotland.
    Newco players need be barely brushed against to ensure protection whilst our bhoys are booted off the park week in week out without so much as a peep of the whistle.

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