Joe Hart Owns His Error But He Should Stop Blaming Celtic’s System For His Mistake.

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Joe Hart’s after match comments will most probably earn him a bollocking from the manager, perhaps even more than the mistake itself will. In saying that “this is how the manager wants us to play” he’s deflecting from his own lack of concentration.

He better get a grip on himself and fast, because nobody thinks that second goal was anyone’s fault but his. Nobody. Not Ange, not his team-mates, not the media, not the fans. Nobody.

One man and one man only takes the rap for that; the one he sees in the mirror.

When a top pro makes an error like that, he needs to own it.

He has accepted that he was at fault, but not ultimate responsibility. In seeking to deflect he’s simply not owning the mistake, and it’s his and only his. All he had to do was concentrate and that doesn’t happen tonight.

All he has to do is realise that the defender is too far in front of him to risk that kind of pass and not make it. The manager has told him to play it out from the back, but that doesn’t mean he should be suicidally devoid of thought.

Most managers will tolerate a mistake like that, but only if the player completely cops to it and holds up his hands. Few will tolerate being used as a shield to hide behind, and that’s what Hart has done here whether he intended to or not.

I suspect he didn’t.

I suspect that he said that on the spur of the moment tonight without thinking it through.

Because, let’s face it, that’s what he did out on the pitch.

That moment of madness from him has cost us big time tonight.

He said he’s to blame, and that’s where he should have left it. The system is not at fault. If he takes an extra second to think about that or calls Taylor back to receive the pass, we could have been looking at a different outcome.

The big guy colossally messed that up … and that’s why he’s the story of the night.

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  • TAMBHOY says:

    Needs Dropped

  • John smith says:

    Segriest in goals on Saturday,,

  • Roonsa says:

    He ballsed up on Saturday too as that Motherwell goal was 100% his fault.

    Not sure how Ange will handle it. I am just gutted we got beat again away in Europe. Fucking gutted.

  • S Thomas says:

    Making too much out of this, this happens in the champions league, Ajax got smashed last night, and Sevilla getting hammered 4-1 at home as we speak. Germany not an easy place to go. We have 2 home games left. I didn’t fancy us the night, we are still learning at this level. The home games, is were we need to capitalize.

  • arthur kelly says:

    He needs to be sat on the bench and give the other goalie a chance. This has been coming for a while now.

  • John says:

    That shambles of the second goal was totally down to Joe Hart. After getting the equaliser we were under the cosh for a bit and it required focussed minds. His lack of awareness and concentration was staggering. He let his team mates, manager and the fans down badly.
    Maybe time he should be dropped and Ben Segrist given an opportunity. Losing that goal at that stage of the game completely sucked the life out of the team.
    Cant agree with S Thomas who seems to be implying that winning the home games is all that matters. We need to be going into all games home or away looking to get a result.
    There is absolutely no guarantee we wil beat RBL or Shaktar at home

  • Bob (original) says:

    OK, we are just not good enough for the CL this season.
    As long as Ange and the players learn from this experience, then fine.

    With regards to Hart: he didn’t lose the game.
    BUT, no player should be untouchable.
    Hart needs to be dropped for a few games, to help him re-focus.

    Next season in the CL I expect CFC to do much better.

  • kingmurdy says:

    only celtic….delusions of grandeur….
    lads…we are out of our depth in champions league…we are just there to make up the numbers…we are always gonna be found out….we are,at best, eufa league outfit…on our day….
    our expansive style of play…is suicide against elite teams…especially with the standard of most of our players…we MUST convert every half chance, whilst giving away nothing at the back…’s great dreaming….but eventually, you have to waken up,,,,
    and yea, it’s time joe hart was given a wee rest…along with maeda…

  • Effarr says:

    The St Mirren defeat has taken them down to earth and has affected their confidence.

    At least there will be no stories linking Angie with a move to Man City, or Carlisle even.

  • David McDowall says:

    Time to replace Hart, he’s as good as a goal down with avoidable mistakes in every match. Ange also needs to drop his favourites and give summer signings a chance, players are not ready for the challenge due to lack of game time, the suicidal cavalier style leaves the defence in complete turmoil, champions league is not poor Scottish football, we need to adapt/change to compete without losing simple goals.

  • Frankie says:

    Read most of the comments and what a shower of backstabbers apart from s Thomas mistakes were made, but this team has so many players that never have played in the C L.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Joe Hart pissed me aff with that statement. Aye Joe, there’s a difference in playin out from the back and throwin the ball straight tae an opposition player just ouside yer own penalty box. That’s just unbeleivably careless and frankly he should be embarrassed. Don’t try and blame the managers tactics for that yin. Good keeper but he’s far too casual wi the ball for me. Seems tae lack concentration at times, passes too short, waits till players are right on him before he passes it out etc.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Don’t think it’s backstabbin. If a player seems tae have a pattern of makin similar errors and just about everybody notices, obviously he’s gonnae come under scrutiny and criticism, whether it’s constructive or otherwise. Naebody’s above criticism mate. This sort of lack of concentrations been seen wi Joe in domestic games tae. Undoubted ability as a keeper, tho this part of his game let’s him down. That’s no backstabbin, it’s an observation.

  • Denis Burns says:

    OK we’re all suffering a bit just now but here’s something to think about. Liverpool 2 The Rangers 0. But if Sevco had taken all of their first half chances it would have finished Liverpool 2 The Rangers 0 and if they had converted all of their second half chances, Liverpool 2 The Rangers 1. Hmmm. There are lots of positives from Celtic’s three games so far , It is a work in progress. Hail Hail.

  • Woodyiom says:

    I think people are reading too much into Hart’s comment – he’s not blaming or hiding behind our system or our tactics. He was simply pre-empting the “why didn’t you just simply boot it forward?” question that would inevitably have been asked. He owned his error and pointed out that playing out from the back is our style – that’s all.

    However having said that, playing out form the back is most definitely NOT his game (its why Guardiola let him go within 3months of becoming Man City Manager) and in my opinion we need to drop him and give Siegrist some proper game time – in fact we need to do that for several players as too many look leggy already particularly in the midfield!

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Terrible error but he also saved us from a tanking,Some of the vitriol aimed at Hart from some quarters is insidious.Yes he made a mistake but he’s still a top keeper for Celtic,on and off the park

  • Lemon says:

    Not looking to pick on Joe in particular as it is a bugbear of mine about keepers in general.
    For the first goal he has no need to commit so far from his line. The scorer is running at an angle away from goal so if joe simply prepares for a possible shot, the scorer then has to strike it left footed while running at pace away from goal. A much trickier skill than continuing to run at pace past a static goalkeeper with plenty space behind him. To stop and adjust would have allowed the defender the time to interject.

  • Effarr says:

    It is no surprise what happened last night. It is just a repeat of what has happened under most of the previous Celtic managers, defensive blunders in every single game and even at home. i don`t know if players can do the Angeball stuff week in and week out. I feel Rogic got off his mark because of it. Despite the change of managers, the
    problem keeps manifesting. Like P McGs “insiders” at Ibrox there has been one constant through all of this, John Kennedy Now that Lawwell is away, he is the only one who has experienced every single embarrassment. He may not be considered a defensive coach but surely, over the years, as a coach of some sort and as a defender himself he should have been able to spot what has went wrong. If I was Ange I would hire out the Livingston, Ross county
    or St Mirren defence for a night during these ties, they certainly wouldn`t be any worse.

    To be honest, I don`t know if Ange is too happy having JK there: I`m not saying he should be bulleted but I think a wee bit of trial and error is required. Give him paid leave for the rest of the season and see how things go.
    Having said that though, I don`t see much of the Harry Kewell influence at work either.

  • Robert Gallagher says:

    Get Benji in goal. Hes younger, fitter and Id bet a more focussed on taking control at the back. Hart has made a few saves but as many mistakes. Ralston has to play, Welsh has never been good enough and Josip is weak as a defender.
    Maeda looks tired and lack lustre. Get wee James back on the park now!

  • Martin H. says:

    There’s nothing in the system that says, if you haven’t got an out pass, just punt the ball up the park.

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