Record Tries To Speak For “Frustrated Celtic Fans” In Stupid Marco Rose Piece.

Image for Record Tries To Speak For “Frustrated Celtic Fans” In Stupid Marco Rose Piece.

Who is this morning’s Record piece on Marco Rose for?

It’s an attempt to speak for Celtic fans, I presume, since it quotes us as being “frustrated” and then goes on to quote a couple from Twitter who seem to want Celtic Park to be one of those grounds where players come off the pitch feeling as if they’ve been to Dante’s Inferno.

The joker who wrote this nonsense – Ronnie Copeland – is at it with this article, a piece of sheer laziness swept from the internet floor. A handful of our fans who don’t want people praising the atmosphere at Parkhead?

A handful of our supporters who would rather not read the likes of Modric and Rose praising the incredible noise and passion?

I mean, this is such a ridiculous piece. Is it anything other than a crude hatchet job?

An attempt to suggest that Celtic Park has become too placid?

I remember big nights at Celtic Park where we beat top teams; still their players praised the place and the atmosphere it generated so what exactly is this garbage today?

Most fans I know are proud of the number of luminaries from throughout the game who have been awed by the place.

There is nothing to merit that article at all. Nothing whatsoever.

It reeks of “slow news day” and some desperado fishing for hits whatever way he can get them. Celtic Park’s reputation as a top stadium with one of the best atmospheres on the continent and stellar and our fans, by and large, are proud of that.

Sure, no-one wants to see opposing managers leave with the three points, but is that really some blinding Damascene revelation and worthy of a news story?

Honest to God, when real journalists are writing about real issues this is the stuff we get.

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